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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by sturgis58, May 6, 2001.

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    In case anyone out there is interested, I got my copy of Sonar yesterday, and had it up and running in no time flat. About 10 hours, lol....had to re-install display drivers and all of my audio drivers as well. I've got my Panasonic DA7 hooked up to the PC via the Motu 2408mkII using 2 TDIF cards, and midi control is implemented with a USB midisport 2x2. I have the DA7 set as the Word Clock master of the Motu and the PC, which I've been doing since I hooked it up. I had a lot of pops, clicks and noises when the Motu had clock control.
    If anyone else is using, or planning on using, Sonar, I'd love to know. We could swap sob stories, and hold hands... Sweeet, eh? :p
  2. Opus2000

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    Apr 7, 2001
    please keep us informed of how you are doing with Sonar..I'm curious to see how this new "flagship" product from cakewalk is truly going to stand up to their name!
    So far I havent been seeing good results so I"m curious to hear it from another source as to it's stability or not!
  3. Hi there. I did have the chance to try this Sona. Problems arised were DXi instruments used almost the whole processor's power and droped out every second, also some hanging up every now and then. I loved the idea of being able to draw and match loops like we do with Acid, but then someone introduced me to Steinberg's Nuendo and that's definetely what I'm using now. More stable, better sounding, VST compatible, less consuming, easier. But still would like to have more MIDI features and Sys Ex sends.

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    hi everyone, yeah I use the 2408 and the DM-24 with Sonar XL on PC and its sweet, after the initial heart attack provoking learning curve with the Dm and the 2408 I've got to say it's working damn well.

    I'm a novice to DAW's and home recording in general, but I have to say this combo really works well.
    not being able to judge it against anything else really tho.

    done some tracks check em out, would appreciate any critique as far as sonic qualities of the recordings them selves the material is pretty much off the cuff.

    tried this on Tascam and got scolded.
    Opus thanks for the hook on the site
    and I'll remember the url this time...
    for some music
    for some shots of the new studio

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