Sonar 5 PE and Windows 64 bit

Discussion in 'Computing' started by lk, Apr 14, 2006.

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  1. lk

    lk Guest

    I am looking to switch from my Mac/Motu setup to a Built PC (AMD Opteron) and Sonar 5 PE. I have tryed the Sonar Demo and researched it a bit, but I would like to know if anybody here uses it with 64bit windows and if so what they think of it. Also:

    1. Is it hard to find interface drivers for Windows 64 (looking to get a couple of Focusrite Saffire Pros)?

    2. Is 64bit noticeably better than 32bit

    3. Is 64bit less reliable?

    Thanks in advance :lol:
  2. Zoro

    Zoro Guest

    Hi, I am not an IT guy or anything , but I would use the common sense of things, I also want to build an AMD based PC and I think that obviously 64 is better than 32 and yes I've heard a lot of stories about having a hard time getting the drivers for DAW's, so if I was you, I would wait until new sotware versions are released for 64 Bit computers, good luck.

    Zoro. :)
  3. macombaland

    macombaland Guest

    I would stick with 32 bit. 64 is unreliable, and like the previous poster said, its harder to find the right drivers. I would forget about win64 and just get vista when it comes out. til then use xp
  4. lk

    lk Guest

    Yea, Sonar claims that there is a 30% performance increase with 64bit. Also, you can use more than 4 Gigs of Ram. Other than that I can't seem to find a definitive explaination on why 64bit is better.
    I'll probably be getting XP Pro and waiting for vista, though I've heard it will be 32bit as well when released.
    Thanks for the info.
  5. ckswartwood

    ckswartwood Guest

    i have a built PC with a AMD 3800+ Dual Core With 4 Gigs of Ram and 64 bit windows. I honestly had no problems with getting everything set up. I love that Sonar takes full advantage of a Dual Core processor. I also like that you can use all the ram. But honetly i had no immediate "WOW" when i started working with it the first time. Although i am able to run large projects now with LOTS of plugs. My max project so far has been 183 Tracks with 72 Plugs(including 9 inserts of the 64bit Convolution Reverb "Perfect Space") and 6 soft synths. 6ms latency and CPU ran at about 45-58% NOT BAD!! Hope this helps--CK

    SONICA-X Guest

    Not bad at all!

    For those interested the RME Fireface 800 now has 64-Bit ASIO drivers.


    Guy Cefalu
    Sonica Audio Labs
  7. tecknot

    tecknot Guest

    I have not heard anything about 64bit processing being a problem. There are not any DXi's for 64bit and few VSTi's but SONAR 5 has them and a bit bridge for VSTi's that are 32bit. Drivers are slowly being developed for 64bit and will inevitability be available from most manufactures (if not all). As for the capability and performance, check this out:


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