Sonar 7 or Cubase 4?

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by peterfino, Sep 24, 2008.

  1. peterfino

    peterfino Guest

    Hello, I am new to the forum.

    I am looking to switch from PT LE to Sonar or Cubase and RME's FF400, not sure yet.

    Any suggestions? Which is more stable Sonar or Cubase?

  2. pr0gr4m

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    Feb 9, 2005
    South Florida
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    I've used old versions of Sonar and currently use Cubase. I like the newer Cubase over older Sonar but I don't know anything about current Sonar.

    What is most important to you...
    MIDI sequencing,
    audio recording,
    VSTi playing,
    file exporting,
    mouse clicking,
    CPU using,
    audio editing,
    MIDI editing,
    number of functions,
    intuitive interface,
    program stability?

    We kinda need to know what you are looking for in a DAW. For example, what is your reason fro wanting to swtich from PT?

    I use Cubase and it's stable. It's crashed/locked up on me, but not enough for me to leave it. you may want to check out the user communities for each of those programs. See what they are complaining about. If they are complaining about thing that would also bother you, then you'll have an idea about which program might be better for you.
  3. peterfino

    peterfino Guest


    I don't do much MIDI, mostly digital audio and I am looking for stability. I dropped the LE system because I had to use my 002 as an interface. I wanted a unit that would sound better.

  4. hueseph

    hueseph Well-Known Member

    Oct 31, 2005
    Vancouver, BC, Canada
    I personally hate Sonar but that's just my opinion. I just think DX plugins and WDM drivers are or at least should be a thing of the past for audio at least. ASIO allows for better latency afaik and there are so many great sounding VST plugins. That and aside from RTAS in the prosumer world, VST is the standard. Plugins generally get bundled in two formats. RTAS and VST. Generally not DX. If you ever move to Mac, you can do that with Cubase without buying new software. Sonar is stuck in the pc world.
  5. TyrantT316

    TyrantT316 Active Member

    Apr 25, 2005
    Best to try the demos of both and see what you have a feel for.
  6. jonyoung

    jonyoung Well-Known Member

    Dec 31, 2003
    Happy Sonar 6 user here. hueseph, I use an RME Multiface with ASIO drivers, and have many VST plugins which work just fine after running them through the VST wrapper that comes with Sonar. From S6 forward, more useful tools are Audio Snap (the equivelant of Beat Detective in PT), V Vocal by Roland for tuning, 64 bit capable audio engine (32 bit float for older DAWS lacking the horsepower). It's been real stable for me.

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