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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by audiokid, Oct 6, 2009.

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    Sonar only gets better, taking advantage of Windows 7, 64bit running on a new PCAudioLabs i7. I have one of their boxes and its extremely slick.

    Take a look at this REMIX video clip(s) in particular : update

    140 tracks with video.

    The other 2 videos may just convert you.
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    Ok. I have to admit, that was pretty impressive. It doesn't make me want to change just yet but it does make me question my DAW a bit.
  3. audiokid

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    I couldn't help but email PCAudioLabs today. They told me today
    And I rarely need more than 40 tracks. I want Solid State drives more than ever now.
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    WOW...that was absolutely amazing, that is more tracks than I've ever seen....ever...and the quick response in screen movement with no stalling...incredible....
    I don't think I heard on there how much RAM they were running or if they were using SSD's....I am very interested in those....they are hella fast and prices aren't really outlandish....
    Makes me want a 64bit i7 Intel machine with 20Gb of RAM and a few terrabytes of SSD's with Sonar instead of my AMD FX-60 32bit 4Gb XP Pro Cubase 4 system....Ok I really hate that video now...LOL
    Windows 7 will be out in another week or so (10-22-09) maybe I'll wait for SP1 to flush out the bugs.
    I want to try out the Sonar LE copy coming with my A&H ZED16R now....I know this isn't a full up studio system like the one in the video but it definitely serve's my songwriting needs...I will make a decision next year to either upgrade to Cubase 5 or maybe crossgrade to Sonar 8.5!
    I'm hoping Sonar LE will provide me with good examples and feel for full version Sonar and help me decide on my upgrade options...or not?!
    I recently installed the trial version of Reaper...I wasn't completely impressed with the sound of that versus Cubase, so it will be interesting to see how Sonar sounds with thr RME FF800 compared to those two...
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    Simply Amazing
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    -6GB RAM
    -Silent Treatment
  8. i switched from cubase 4 to sonar 8 and have never looked back. Workflow is just so much better for me, and i might be crazy but the audio just sounds better to me...
  9. you're crazy :p

    Sonar gives you some nice plugins in the box and it might be possible that with these tools, you created something more pleasant. But in terms of raw audio at the same pan law and gain settings, they will null.

    I use Cubase, Logic, Ableton Live 7 and have used Sonar - the same audio file without plugins under those conditions sounds THE SAME.

    However, placebo/correctional bias is a strong condition and if it works for you then you are fully likely to perceive the audio quality to be better too.

    Sonar has become a great DAW and offers some great plugins and synths. But I use Cubase 5 at home (along with Ableton Live 7 Suite) and Logic 9 at work on Mac and TBH I still wouldn't trade either of them in for Sonar. Just personal preference though, I prefer their workflow and GUI, but others like Sonar better and that's fine as all of these are excellent products.

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