Sonar inputs, Delta drivers - a Q for you guys

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by audiohead, Jun 14, 2002.

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    Hi threre,
    It's not exactly a computing question but I post it here anyway since you guys seem to be quite competent and ready to help.

    I have an ANUS PC and 2 cards – Audiophile 2496 and SBLive connected via SPDIF (I keep it for soundfont playback). The SBLive audio driver is not activated. I use Sonar 2.0 under win2k and the whole setup runs just fine.

    In Sonar I have only 3 options for audio track input: HW In, S/PDIF In and Mon.mixer. When I play a softsynth I see the activity in the Audiophile's mixer (WavOut section). However, I can only record it when I select Mon.mixer as an input, which means that all other tracks are recorded as well.
    I would presume that in addition to mixer output I should be able to record signals from each individual mixer section. However, it turns out that I can record separately ONLY hardware sources but not the ones generated by software. Is this is a fundamental limitation of Sonar or Delta drivers or PC architecture in general? Or am I missing something basic here?

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    Apr 7, 2001
    I don't use Sonar but I think there a few sonar users out there that should be able to help..I do know that you need to highlite all the audio ins and outs you plan on using in the Audio setup menu...have you done that? Also I believe most Sonar users don't bother with the wave test..correct?
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    yo audiohead: did you check out the site i posted? well here it is just in case.,2228,Lessons--5171605-4,00.html this will show you how to do it. and you can download the video to see it actually done. :D hope that helps you out.
  4. audiohead

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    Thanks Philly,

    A very nice site indeed. I'll check the video too. As for DXi, I do exactly that and everything works fine. However, the matter that puzzles me is not covered in either Sonar or Delta manuals. Could you check if you can record a softsynth in AUDIO with your setup (without recording other tracks that is)?


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