SONAR RME Audio Digi96/8 pad, reducing latency

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    Hi, Im not so new to the world of recording but relatively new to recording using a PC.

    Im using a 2GHz Celeron with 512 MBs RAM kitted out with a RME Audio DIGI 96/8 PAD card (and a SBLive 5.1 gamer which I run all the system sound through).

    Im using Sonar 2.2 XL and ASIO drivers (as SONAR has issues using WMD with the RME audio card)

    In the ASIO panel Im at 1024 Buffer (sample) and suffering form a latency of 21.3ms

    I am piping S/PDIF into the sound card from either a Focusrite pre / or a Pod pro the maximum sample rate I can use is 48 KHz @ 24 Bit.

    I/O buffer size of 256 KB

    I want to reduce latency during direct monitoring whilst recording overdubs and Id really appreciate anyone who can help me out !

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    Solved it !!


    P24 of the DIGI96/8 PAD users guide RTFM Simon !

    Low Latency ASIO operation under Windows 2k/XP on single CPU systems:

    To use ASIO at low latencies system performance has to be tweaked.
    Go to: Control Panels/System/Advanced/Performance and look for the ”options” button. Change the default “Applications” to “Background tasks”.

    Magic!!!! Latency drops from 23 ms to about 5ms @ 44.1 KHz 24 bit operation.....
    No pops, no dropouts just yummy sounds !

    Yeaaaaarrr !!

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