Sonar vs. Pro Audio 9

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by brucelivolsi, Jan 29, 2002.

  1. brucelivolsi

    brucelivolsi Guest

    OK, so I've gotten all the propaganda from Cakewalk telling me how badly I need to upgrade to Sonar. I have to admit I've only read some of it, because it's usually just too much and I'm too busy to actually sit there for an hour and read all the gory details. Besides, I'm really not all that bright....can anyone give me a real comparison of the significant differences?

  2. angelic

    angelic Guest

    I would suggest getting the trial version (11 mb)
    and give it a "once over" yourself. This is always the best way to determine if the purchase is worthwhile to you. Cakewalk products are designed on the same basic platform, from bottom to top, they all look very similar and increase in features and abilities as you move up their line of products, sonar XL being their "flagship" product,
    hope this all helps.

    here's the url to get the trial version,
    CakeWalk downloads
  3. Rockhard

    Rockhard Guest

    You would love upgrading to Sonar, if you are a Cakewalk(#) user, the things you can do with it now are great.
    Let me know how you like it...
    Come back and ask some question, you we fing that the folks here will help. :D
  4. tundrkys

    tundrkys Guest

    I have got the demo myself at home, and to tell you the truth, it isn't easy to figure out all it can do. I mean there is the help manual, but that doesn't really help you, if you are unfamiliar with certain things, or just don't know it is there. For instance, I keep hearing about VSTi's or there directX equivalent. But I am really a newbie when it comes to synths. I have no idea what the possibilities are. And the demo wasn't really that informative either.
    I know that I can work with loops faster and easier with Sonar, but I don't know how to work with loops.
    I am a guitar player(read stupid) I know I can use the loop function to produce drum loops. How?
    And how does Sonar make it easier than Clubtracks or ProAudio 9?
    What is cyclone, is it just a replacement for fruityloops?
    I am just saying their is more to it than just downloading the demo. If all I do now is record audio, one track at a time, guitar, bass, drum machine, how will Sonar make my work flow better?
  5. suspec57

    suspec57 Guest

    yo Bruce J. Livolsi :D yes the interface is different from ProAudio (alittle) but the things that you can do with it makes it so much more better. i.e.: with previouse versions, finding audio files were hell, sonar makes it easier to find audio because there is an option that you can use to separate the audio to a folder that is combined with the project you are working with(it also saves it in better files such as "project bass track 2". thats just the beginning. here are some links to go to which may help a bit more easier to see(some have videos on how it works :eek: ),2228,Lessons--5171605,00.html and this one yes there is alot to read on but that just shows you how powerful it is. ( too much to say why it is better)
  6. suspec57

    suspec57 Guest

    yo tundrkys :check out the links i just posted on the no addressed to Bruce J. Livolsi. the first link has a video that you can download for free and shows you how to do alot of what you're asking. beside its easier to see it done than trying to read something then put it to real use don't you agree? :D
  7. suspec57

    suspec57 Guest

    oops :eek: i meant VIDEOS
  8. hriker

    hriker Guest

    I find SONAR to be much more user friendly. Editing and mixing are easier to handle than Pro Audio 9. It is also very good for working with .Wav files and looping. It eliminates the need for Acid in my opinion. There are many reasons to upgrade... I would definitely upgrade.

    I would also recommend the Sonar Power book.
  9. tundrkys

    tundrkys Guest

    Hey,, that video is gone. Anyway I can find it.
  10. Oddible

    Oddible Guest

    Controlling effects levels over the course of a recording with bezier curves is a killer feature. The interface is a little different but a bit better organized imho. But it really depands on what you use it for.
  11. wfturner

    wfturner Guest

    I think the sound engine is a heck of alot better.
    I tried various versions of the ProAudio series and could never get comfortable nor feel it was stable. I'm using Home Studio XL and don't know how I lived without it.

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