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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by jdier, Mar 20, 2003.

  1. jdier

    jdier Active Member

    Mar 20, 2003
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    I am brand new to Sonar and have a question regarding sending audio out of Sonar2.2XL.

    First off I have no outboard gear or mixers besides a small headphone amp that allows me to send power to 6 headphone jacks.

    My Sound card is full duplex with 8 ins and 8 outs (Aardvark Q10.)

    What I am trying to achieve is this:

    I sit at the workstation in one room listening to a stereo mix of everything happening in the recording room while the musicians in the other room are listening to a DIFFERENT headphone mix.

    The Aardvark has headphone outs but I would like to be able to control my two mixes (studio monitor and musician headphone) from Sonar if at all possible.

    I would guess someone out there is doing this. Any ideas?

  2. tmix

    tmix Guest

    I give it a try.
    First off it has been a while since I used Sonar, does it have "no latency live monitoring"?
    You can give the musicians a different mix of the prerecorded tracks simply by using a virtual aux send as a headphone mix out the aardvarks other outputs,but if you don't have live preview (without delays) check the aarvark to see if it has a internal monitor mixer like my Delta 1010 does. It allows you to submix what is coming in from the front end with what is coming from the computer and send it out 2 output channels.

    Hope that points you in the right direction.
  3. clarkmurray

    clarkmurray Guest

    If your sound card has 8 ins and outs, those should show up as input and output drivers under Options>Audio>Drivers. If you enable one or more output drivers, those should show up as Virtual Main Buses in the Bus Pane.

    Although you can route a track to only one Virtual Main, you should be able to also route the same track to an Aux Bus and then back to a second Virtual Main Bus. Kind of kludgey, but that should work.

    Also make sure you have an input driver enabled for input monitoring (Options>Audio>Input Monitoring) and that the Audio Engine is running.
  4. jdier

    jdier Active Member

    Mar 20, 2003
    Home Page:

    Your feedback is great. This weekend I am going to try what you have described here.

    If I understand correctly, I would want to use an AUX send (AUX 1 for example) and assign all of the drums to it. I would likely want to send them all PRE FADER so my changes to the control room monitor mix WILL NOT effect the sound to the headphones.

    One dumb question: Where do I tell Sonar that I want AUX 1 to be output to my soundcard output #5 (or any other number?)

    One more: Is there an easy way that I can set this up one time and then have it come up as my default every time I start a new project? (for instance every track my band records will always START with drums on 1-8, bass on 9, guitar one 10-11, guitar two 12-13, scratch vocals on 14-16.)

    Once again Clark, I really appreciate your help.

  5. Axeman32

    Axeman32 Guest

    1st you need to insure that you tell sonar that you are using aux buses. Audio>options>general>number of aux. Open the track up and you will see an A1, A2 etc. Click this and it assigns that track to the Aux of choice
  6. jdier

    jdier Active Member

    Mar 20, 2003
    Home Page:
    Then I assume that i go to each aux bus and select which soundcard output to route it to. Correct?
  7. Axeman32

    Axeman32 Guest

    I am not familiar with your hardware but I would imagine it is very similar to the way you assign a single sonar track to your soundcard output.
  8. Sonic dB

    Sonic dB Guest

    Hi Jim,

    These guys are on the right track about how to set up Sonar.

    The headphone out on the Q10 will be the same mix as the output on the Q10s 9&10 "monitor outs". If you want a seperate mix for the musicians...then you will need to bus this through the playback channels on the Q10 to two of the 1/4" balanced line outs on the back and then into your headphone box.

    If you have any problems doing this, Email me at: with a number where I can reach you and a good time when I can give you a call.

    Thomas Adler
  9. johnclark2

    johnclark2 Guest

    Yes there is Jim,

    All you have to do is setup SONAR the way that you want it as described above and then save the project as a "Template". Do this by clicking File > Save As. First create a new directory called "Templates" without the quotes in your Program Files > Cakewalk > SONAR 2 directory. Name the new template "normal" without the quotes. Once this is done click Options > Global and then from the Templates selection navigate to the x:program FilesCakewalkSonar 2Templates directory where x is the drive that you have SONAR installed to. Once that's done click OK to accept your selection. Then click OK to accept and close the Global Options window. From this point on when SONAR starts it will look in this directory and find your newly customized "normal.cwt file and therefore start with your prefered settings.

    John :p:
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