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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by Mitch, Dec 30, 2004.

  1. Mitch

    Mitch Guest

    I am a songwriter that wants to lay down fairly competent tracks, but nothing elaborate. I'll leave it to the studios and professional musicians to make the song play great.

    However, I want to easily lay down tracks, edit, and modify on a simple level and burn to disk for sending out songs. Although my main writing instruments are vocals and guitar (electric and acoustic), I'd like some basic midi capabilities for drum machine and keyboard playback. I also plan on adding extra instruments as I develop the song more, but still...any additional tracks will be simple and basic.

    I'd like the vocal quality and the acoustic guitar recordings to be good, solid, with little noise, but not top of the line by any means.

    Computer Hardware: A Dell P4 3 GHz; 180 GB hard drive; 512 MB RAM; Sound Blaster Live! 24 bit; DVD drive, CD ROM drive, Floppy drive

    Software: Windows XP Service Pack 2; Cubase SE v 1.0.7

    Mics: Shure 55SH Series II; Peavey PVM 38; Peavey PVM 45

    Mixer: Mackie Micro Series 1402-VLZ

    Effects: Yamaha SPX 90 II

    Furman PL Plus Power Conditioner

    Equalizer: Rane MQ302 Mojo Series

    Amplifier: Hafler Pro 5000

    I was running everything out into Peavey 115 HC II speakers for a mini coffee shop platform, but no need for that with this request. Just thought it might shed some light as to why I had some of this specific equipment.

    For playback I can easily use some headphones, unless this is a bad idea. If it is considered to be reasonable for my specific needs, what headphones would be a good bang for the buck in my case?

    Important: I need guidance at connecting my sound system into my computer. What is the best avenue for this. What is missing, if anything, and how should it be configured based on my stated needs above?

    Additionally, I've never used Cubase SE. What resource can I tap to get up to speed quickly on basic usage?

    Prior to posting, I read many other posts and found that many posts weren't specific enough. I hope I've accomplished this so that it makes feedback easier. I've seen great feedback on this message board and I appreciate any guidance.
  2. moonz

    moonz Guest

    I'm not sure what you are looking for in the way of advice, since, accordig to your post, you already have all the equipment you need to do what ever you want.

    I'd suggest you try out "Ableton Live" if you are going to try using a computer in your performance is supposed to be written with live performance in mind.


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