sonic diff. between b&w 802 series 3 and the current

Discussion in 'Monitoring' started by nOiz, Nov 23, 2002.

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    I am wondering what are the diff. between them. I know they look different but sonically, do they sound similar? Micheal, I think you are using a pair of 802, is that correct? Please let me know what's your opinion of the 802.

    I just found a pair of 802 series 3 in a great condition. Looking into buying. The guy is asking for about US$1,800.
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    I do have the N802's but have never compared them to the older model B&W's, so I can't help you with the difference between the two. I have heard the 801 matrix 3's and thought they sounded pretty good. I do know that there are lots of differences between the two. The basic design or theory is close to the same but the drivers, x-overs, and cabinets have been changed and improved upon. I would check with B&W to see if they still supply drivers for these speakers and maybe some mods or upgrades that might be available for them. Then if you can, take a listen to them. It's going to be hard to compare the two unless your in the same room with the same amps, but I would take a listen to the N802's before you go listen to these, maybe you'll be able to get some kind of comparison between the two. Good luck, let me know what you've found if your able to do this.
  3. nOiz

    nOiz Guest

    the current 802 costs so much more than the 802 series 3. i am going to the local b&w showroom and see what they have to say about the two.


    Micheal : what amp are you using for your 802?

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