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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by DSEagle, Feb 18, 2002.

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    I lurk in here from time to time, never posted though, and this is the only time I've logged in w/my name.
    I'm a small-time producer, working with Narada, Virgin, Higher Octave, Capital, BMG, Windham Hill, and other small labels.
    Vegas is my tool of choice. We did very well at Sundance this year with a video edited in, and scored partially with Vegas 3.0, even though it was betaware at the time.
    Sonic Foundry, like ALL software companies, has been undergoing great stress and strife. This means that they can't afford to have someone from their tech support here all the time. I'd offer to moderate this forum, just as I do the WWUG and COW forums, except that a lot of the posts in a lot of the forums are just whining, and not really into getting anything done. At the, we don't have this problem, it's genuine pro's and wanna-be pro's in the community. Tens of thousands of them. The Vegas forum has over 200 posts a day, and none of them whining.
    These forums are great, it's a good community. But to take the arrogance that Sonic Foundry should be removed from them because they don't have someone to dedicate 3-4 hours a day to you? C'mon! There are at least 50 sites out there for Sonic Foundry products. Even if they just gave 15 mins a site per day, that's still 2 people working full time for these sites. They've got to make a profit. And they've got to take care of paying, currently under tech support customers first. And THAT, they do very well. We've tested them for magazines. They are one of the top companies in response time.
    No, I don't work for Sonic Foundry. I've been an endorsee for over 10 years though. And won a Grammy, 2 Emmy's, and numerous other awards in addition to selling well over 10 million records using their tools. I'm also nominated for a second Grammy this year, partially because of Sonic Foundry. There are tons of Sonic Foundry lovers out there. Someone who is not an employee would be great for this site. And there are a LOT of those out there. Maybe advertise on the COW or WWUG for a forum host.
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    welcome aboard dse!

    Most excellent to read your post and to see that this product is not a toy, we do need to learn more and threads like this a more than welcome. The forum is picking up, seems the Pro Talk crew is beginning to lurk around here too.

    Thanks for the links!

    lets go get-em boys! maybe we'll find us some moderators :D
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    Sep 6, 2000
    i went there to check things out but came right back, too much happening on the farm :D

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    Hi! I just want to say that I am really interested in anything you may have to share. It's an unfortunate situation that I have in the last year acquired several cool audio software applications including SF and Acid Pro and most recently FruityLoops and damnit! I gotta work all day at a job that is about as far removed from music as the top of Everest is from the bottom of the Marianas trench. Oops, sorry, that was whining. ;-)

    Anyway, bought Acid about a month ago and have NO time to play with it. How did ya'll go about learning to use it? I kinda think FruityLoops is a bit easier for a rank beginner like me. Any thoughts?
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    Feb 11, 2002
    Acid Pro is a breeze to learn. For a beginner too. I use fruityloops also for creation of loops and VSTi capabilities, then when I'm done making the drum or synth loop in fruity, I export the loop (acidized) in to a .wav that I paint into Acid Pro. Last two songs done entirely with virtual tools. pro52, FM7, Fruity and Acid Pro. SoundForge for editing. Having too much fun, but feeling guilty because my guitar, synth, and sampler sat unused. I like Acid for actual song creation better, but just wished it had the VSTi capabilities.

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