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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by Cucco, Aug 1, 2007.

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    Hey guys-

    Are any of you familiar with Sonoma at all?

    I'm curious -
    Within the program, can you mix down to 2 track or 5.1 (ITB Summing/Mixing)

    Also, can you record at PCM and/or mix down from DSD to PCM?



    Edit ----

    I'm aware that the EMM converters are capable of PCM as well as SRC, but I'm actually wanting to know if Sonoma has some kind of SRC capability.
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    Jan 13, 2005
    [sympathy response]
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    It's been more than a year since Jefferey posted this!

    I for one is still interested to know if anyone of you have gottenany Sonoma experience since, especially in comparison to say editing in Sequoia/Samplitude?

    I get more and more requests för DSD(SACD) and as Sonoma seems to be the only aternative for editing DSD native, so she is my main interest of inquiry!

  4. hirezsqwave

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    Jul 5, 2011
    Yes, Sonoma with a Mix Card installed will mix down to 5.1 or to 2 channels, and it provides EQ and Dynamics processing on each channel at the DSD sample rate. This capability is meant for 8 channels per mix card. Ask Gus Skinas (303) 530-7069 for more information about whether it is feasible to install more than one mix card in a 16, 24, or 32 track Sonoma System. Oh, and by the way, I recommend the use of EMM Labs Converters for all serious applications in which no compromises are tolerated.

    I am a happy end user of a Sonoma 8 track system. Gus treats us well and is very informative - a fund of knowledge.

  5. TheJackAttack

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    Good info for a contact. But the thread is three years old........... ;-)
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    But wait... is it still moving forward?
    Sonoma 32 Track DSD Recorder

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