Sony DMX-R100

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by scorcho409, Mar 1, 2005.

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  1. scorcho409

    scorcho409 Guest

    I was just wondering if anyone here had any experience with the Sony DMX-R100 ditgital Console, and what your thoughts are on it.
    I'm a recording student at MTSU and we use the console for our projects and I am still learning exactly how to work the thing. Anyone have any tips, tricks, or any troubles you have encountered with the machine?
  2. zacharym

    zacharym Guest

    this is the exact console we have in the main studio at my school.

    my experience with it is basicly, nice converters, decent pre's..
    I like the graphic representaion of the eq... but frankly it's a bit of a toy, the ability to save profiles and load them is sort of neat I guess? that's actually probably my favorite thing about it, the ability to have a customized tracking, mixing templates, so the board reacts exactly how you'd want it to.

    the ability to do all the routing on the fly is pretty cool too.

    if you have any more exacting questions I might no the answer, or could definately figure it out, or ask someone who would know. it's a neat board, but not spectacular sounding, but very reliable, perhaps a bit of a toy...
  3. scorcho409

    scorcho409 Guest

    I agree that it is kind of a toy. The pre-amps are decent but we have the option of using those or running through Millennia pres which sound a lot better. The user profiles are good for allowing mutiple groups of people to save whatever without effecting the others. The other consoles in the other studios don't allow this and things get screwed up pretty easy. I don't really have any questions just yet, but i'm sure some will pop up down the way.

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