sony himd minidisc to Mac PowerPC !PLEASE HELP!

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    What application and or sound card do i need to capture sound files(an interview) 2-3 hrs from a sony himd minidisc. Sound stage, Sony's software 3rd party aplication is not supported by mac. These files need to be converted to aiff, mp3, etc.. for use to edit with. i have final cut pro )as i am a video editor though i am willing to use alternate sound software base programs like baby pro tools, logic etc.
    What kind of steps can i take?
    Sony has been no help what so ever and not being a sound editor i have been confused by on line literature, though the program wiretap seems to be a possibility.

    bewildered and frustrated
    thanks so much,

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    Mar 8, 2004
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    Hi Renee!

    If I'm understanding your problem correctly, you need to simply copy over audio data that's on your MD onto your Mac and convert to AIFF or MP3 (AIFF being uncompressed and MP3 being slightly more compressed than MD "ATRAC").

    In that case, any soundcard should do just fine. You simply need to take your line out (or headphone out) from your MD recorder into a line in on your soundcard. Most Macs come with a standard audio recorder program, but in case you are lacking, just about any (including free) program can record in AIFF format. Simply hit record on the program (after you've told it what your source is -- line input) and then hit play on the MD. It should work just fine.

    Of course, if I misunderstood the issue, my deepest apologies.

    J. :cool:

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