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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by Node*, Sep 3, 2005.

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    evening all, im new and been looking around tonight for some information about the new hi-md's from sony (well not new,but yeah ya know) and just trying to find one that will do what i need it to and not cut my bank account down too much, pretty much i want it to listen to music (duh) and have recording (line in i guess?) features so that i can record the mixes from my turntables (im learning to DJ) so i can learn from my mistakes. Any and all suggestions are MORE than welcome and i thank you all in advance for your reponses. and yes, i have searched the forums, there were just too many threads to filter through :(
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    I bought one a couple years ago for a similar purpose. I needed a small portable good recording device. At the time, there weren't too many out there devices out that had audio inputs. So I went with Minidisc.

    Now you can get them portable harddrive type devices that will record WAV files which is better quality than what you can record on minidisc. Check out the Creative players and some of the other brands.

    However, if you can find one, I highly recommend the Sharp DR-7. It's a few years old so it's not Hi-MD or NetMD compatible, but for recording audio it is really good. PLUS it works for tons of hours on just the rechargable and one additional AA battery.
    Since it's older, you should be able to pick one up rather cheap.
    BTW, if you want a really good minidisc machine, you will most likely have to order one from overseas...japan most likely.

    If you want more info go to Tons of info there.
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    You may want to look at compact flash recorders as well.

    Marantz and Edirol both have some decent gear in this area.
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    For what you want to use it for the Sony NetMD will work fine. The Hi-MD's cost more because of the disc technology used (high density/high capacity) storage.

    You may want to consider the non-Hi version to save a few bucks since you're only using it as a "scratch-pad".

    You'll find a lot of them on Ebay. I sold mine (NetMd707) on Ebay a few months ago for like $129. Not bad considering all the xtras that come with it. But they can be had for as low as $90 I think.

    They hold a lot of music and the Line In feature will allow you to record your DJ mixes live.

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