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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by Marcus Black, Aug 16, 2004.

  1. Marcus Black

    Marcus Black Guest

    Downloaded the demoversion of Sony Oxford Inflator today out of curiosity really don´t know what to madness ! Can anybody please explain to a guy who thought he knew how things work what this plug-in REALLY does ?? For those of you who aren´t familiar with it, it basically is a loudness plug-in. According to Sonyplugins what it does is bringing up the level or apparent loudness or whatever of programme material way beyond sanity and commercial cd-level, but without digital overs. And I tried it...and it does just that... I tried it on a mix I recently made, which had about 3dB´s of headroom and man, was I able to make it loud ! My Apogee DA-16 was fighting to get some breath and the channel and master VU´s on my desk were overloading like crazy and still, the channel meter in the DAW with the plug-in was never over 0dB, not one clip ! This was of course maxing it out. I´m not saying this is a desireable thing but I´m very, very does it work ?? And what does it really to the material ?? To me it sounded pretty normal, just very loud and a little bit limited in a tube-ish way. Again, according to sonyplugins this is the "make the loud mix for the record-company guy-plug-in" and for that purpose it´s right on the money. Other than that, I´m just confused. Try it out and tell me what you think, free demos and full $$ versions available for ProTools and TC Powercore at
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    Hi Marcus,

    I'm seriously thinking of investing in a TC Powercore and the Sony plugins. Although familiar with the quality of their EQ and Dynamics plugins I've no experience with the Inflator but was hoping to find some valuable information on these discussions. Unfortunately I can't find any comments on the plugin. As I see that your post is a few months old, I am hoping that you have bought and used the Inflator for some time.

    Could you give me any other useful info on the plugin?
    Would it justify my investment?

    The UAD card seems to be getting great reviews, but as a dance music producer the Inflator seems to be a great tool for making those larger than life mixes. Surely it wont turn turds into diamonds but the little info I could find on the plugin indicate that it can actually supersize mixes in a very distinctive way from any other maximising/limiter tool around.

    Am I being fooled by Sony's marketing tricks?

    ciao Sebastian
  3. Marcus Black

    Marcus Black Guest

    I did not buy it, just tried the demo once and all I got was confused. It just makes things louder, that´s it. So if that´s what you need, go get it, otherwise you´ll be fine without it. I was curious about how it works 'coz the levels you can get out of it are crazy.. If you don´t have PT or Powercore maybe you know someone who has and you can download the demo and try it out.
  4. sibbaz

    sibbaz Guest

    Alright, thanx for your reply... I've been trying to test myself but haven't had the chance yet.

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