Sony PCM-D1 vs. Digi 002

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    Please comment on Sony PCM-D1 vs. Digi 002 I'm not a pro :( . So any in-depth tech explanation, links will greatly help.

    I record class room lectures with live audience (not a sound proof room). Usually I have only one speaker. I need to get the best quality recording in every aspect.

    Currently I use Digi 002, /w Sonar 4.0 & Dynamic MICs from Sony & Philips. This is giving good quality. BUT mobility & portability of the equipment is very very important as well. So I'm looking at Sony PCM-D1.

    With PCM-D1, could I get same or comparable to Digi 002 quality of recording even with some additional gear?
    If yes, please explain any additional requirements such as MIC.
    If not, please explain why?

    In other words - when I look at the specifications, the bit rates, ... PCM-D1 is as good as Digi. So with what additional setup I could use PCM-D1 to record the lectures to get the same quality?

    Thank you :)

    (modified post with additional info.)
  2. RemyRAD

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    You may be guided by God but you're not being guided in the right direction.

    So you want to record your preacher? Your current unit the 002 is a disk mounted implement that requires a dedicated computer.

    So now you're looking at a miniature recorder with built-in microphones, designed for ambient music recording, not for speeches.

    Your preacher needs a wireless, body back, microphone. The receiver of which should be placed in the closest proximity to his position. NOT AT THE BACK! Then all you need is a ZOOM H-4 which can accept external microphone or line inputs. Better still, you could still plugged the wireless microphone receiver into your 002.

    It's crazy to want to spend $2000 on a portable recorder that will still require an additional external microphone that will still cost you hundreds more. That doesn't make any sense and God is not guiding you in the right direction.

    So being the God of audio, you should listen to me. So if you purchase a stupid recorder like that with those stupid microphones? It will yield worse recordings then you are currently getting with your 002. Either way, your preacher needs to wear the microphone. And that's why you need wireless. A good wireless system will cost as much as that recorder, alone. But reasonable mediocre ones from Azden & Audio Technica would serve your purpose just fine. Remember to purchase only a diversity-based receiver. A receiver with only a single antenna is not adequate nor appropriate. So all you really need to purchase is a wireless microphone for your preacher plugged into your 002.

    You can take this advice from me in confidence since I'm one of the chosen people.
    Ms. Remy Ann David
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    Thanks Ms RemyRAD, that was quite elaborate explanation & helped quite a lot :) .

    Having found some one with solid understanding :cool: , could you please throw some light on -

    I understand what's generally a practiced solution, as you suggested. THANKS. BUT ... ... ... looking at the capabilities of the recording devices such as PCM-D1/ D50, can I not turn them into a really good (if not the best) mobile vocal recording gear by adding a good Dynamic mic. and stuff like that. ... ... ... I am trying to know why / why-not :!:
  4. RemyRAD

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    Sure, you can use this as a body pack style recorder with an external high-quality condenser lavalier microphone such as Sony's own miniature condenser line or something even better such as the DPA from Denmark. This device being small enough for your preacher to put into his/her pocket. Just as long as they remember to hit record before they start.

    If you're going to do the recording, you'll still want to get your preacher a wireless microphone to be plugged into this device, on your end, the receiving end. Then you'll still need to transfer this into a computer for your dissemination purposes. Will this yield something better than your 002? Certainly not! You'll not experienced any difference in quality level. The difference will be in the microphone and how it gets back to your 002. This is why I recommend a high-quality wireless microphone, which contains its own preamp, its own receiver, outputting line level to your 002. If you need better converters, you can purchase Apogee converters to plugged into your 002 digital inputs. You still need a high-quality wireless microphone like Sony, like Sennheiser, like Lectrosonic's. That's where you will obtain the biggest quality difference. Not from a goofy recorder. You're not making sense in your equipment decisions and purchases. But are only means better from a technical standpoint. You need to better mike your preacher with a better transmission system to your current recording device which is more than adequate. That's what needs to be changed. Specifications of blah blah importance mean nothing. Recording your preacher with clearer more highly intelligible results has nothing to do with converters or new goofy recorder's designed for bootleg concert recordings.

    In what manner were you going to utilize this device with its built-in microphones on your preacher?? On a stand? In front of them, with the microphones facing away from them to their left & right?? That doesn't make any sense. At the back? That doesn't make any sense. This device for your purposes doesn't make any sense. Get it out of your head. Look into what the TV preachers utilize. Exactly as I'd described.

    Recording preachers for years
    Ms. Remy Ann David
  5. proactive

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    Thanks so much Ms. Remy Ann David. That really helped.

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