Sony Plug ins for all DAW users!

Discussion in 'Computing' started by anonymous, Oct 26, 2001.

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    Feb 10, 2001
    October 25, 2001 -- John Richards, Senior Manager of Sony Oxford Pro-Audio R&D and Ralf Schlünzen, CEO of TC Works, have announced that the two companies will be working in collaboration to developplug-insfor the new TC PowerCore DSP-card, based on the processing algorithms developed for Sony's digital mixing consoles.

    Announcing the agreement, Richards commented: "Sony Oxford is continuing to grow itsplug-ins business and the PowerCore presents a powerful new host platform for that expansion. Sonyplug-insare expected to be available for the PowerCore by Spring 2002."

    So that means with VST/Logic/performer etc on Mac


    TC Powercore will be working on PC sometime soon, so could be the Sony stuff will too.. (I will ask em..)

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