SOS~~Help!!!!!G4 Dual 1.25G+Mbox+Protools LE 6.7

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  1. Can any one hele me..............
    I was using mbox on my PC.But i want to switch to MAC.So I got a G4 Dual 1.25 with 768RAM and 4x80G hardrives
    I installed the Protools LE 6.7 yesterday.And the problem occured.
    When i open the protools.It saids my PT hardware is using by other programs.But I didn't runing anthing at that time.And There are some thing called Digidesign CoreAuido Manager pops up every time I open the computer.And When i click on connect.It won't find my mbox.I think that's why my PT does't working.Can any1 tell me why and how to fix it?Please help me....Thanks
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    Feb 15, 2006
    Under the Apple icon, drop down system preferences/got to the sound icon.
    Change both the input and output to line in, and internal speaker, respectivelly.

    Make sure the "mute" function is not checked.

    Verify this in utilities/audio midi setup, make sure ALL is set to internal.

    Dididesign HW should NOT be selected in the above.
  3. But My mbox doesn't even appears in that "sound" in the System preferences.The Input and output in there were already set to internal hardware.What can i do?Any1 using a mbox with G4 dual 1.25?
  4. Spookym15

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    make sure you have all the up to date info on drivers and what not off of the DL page. If you tried the previous suggestion and it did not work unintstall and then try to install again. I would tell you to contact Digi but that is useless check their answerbase or go on the digi forums.
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    Jul 28, 2005
    connect the Mbox and then go to system preferences. It should appear under the options for sound input and output. Make sure that the Mbox is not selected and then open PT.
  6. $*^t~~~I can even find the Mbox in the system preferences.
    Any one using a mbox with an g4 dual 1.25?How did u guys install it?

    Thanks for helping me out.
  7. felixcat

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    What version of Mac OSX are you running? Tiger (10.4.x)?

    As someone above said, go to the download section of the digi website and make sure you have the latest version of the core audio driver. The problem is most likely that you have an old version of the core audio driver that will not work with tiger.

    Go to the website and download the latest version of the core audio driver, install, connect the mbox and see what happens.
  8. Thanks so much everyone.The problem is resolved.My mbox is running perfectly with Protools LE 7.:)

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