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    just joined but want to jump right in.hope some one can answer my questions.first record im my basement,nothing fancy,i sometimes record at night (mainy family reasons) plus really only free time,so i was thinking of building some king of sound booth for vocals,since that is the only thing that can't be done softly.also i have been recording for some friends who rap and sometimes they're lyrics are really not what kids should be hearing,i was looking at how to build your own and it seems easy but diffacult, i want something that i could maybe fold up or something like that it doesn't have to absolutly soundproofed .if it is not completly air tight why do you have to vent it? what is inexpensive way to build small and cheap?only looking to keep sound in that area at night and for my friends to rap.can this be done and what about the venting is that a major thing
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    Sep 26, 2005
    Search "Whisper Rooms", "vocal booths", "quiet rooms", etc. on eBay and on any other search engine. Many of these units are kit oriented and also include electrical, video and air handling capabilities.

    They have to be virtually airtight. Any kind of air exchange system must include a series of turns, angles and baffles to trap those little sperm like decibels from escaping en masse.

    And as most boys know (and I'm a girl, so I can relate) bigger is better, particularly when it comes to the acoustic aspects of the vocal booth room.

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