Sound Dampening via Zeppelin

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  1. I need help here! I have a Rode NTG-2, which I absolutely love due to its sensitivity. However, this sensitivity extends so much that wind is a big issue with this mic. I have the basic windscreen, and a Rycote softie (which functions quite effeciently in mid-breezes)...but I need to record in heavy winds. I'm pretty sure that a K-Tek Zeppelin would help immensely, but I need some professional opinion!

    Apart from pre-mic wind isolation (i.e. walls or umbrellas), is there anything better to use on a boom mic for wind-isolation?
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    Nov 13, 2001
    the fury zeppelin is the most used

    they can be DIY'ed but generally people start with a typical cage then they , might DIY the cover

    there is always a consequence to the sound but it's a matter of survival in the wind ... and rain

    a good light weight boom and a very soft rubber sprung mount/hanger for the mic

    just my opinion but I think the bigger the Zep the better
    some suggest there is an sound inside that the bigger ones show ... more

    borrow or hire one
    make your own mind up
    then buy or make

    good luck

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