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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by Gilamonster, Oct 6, 2004.

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    We've set up a mini studio which includes a sound room, 24 track mixer and then a pc using Cubase. We are able to record the first track but then get a "soundloop" when trying to get audio out of the pc the same time we are recording track two. The problem must lie with the mixer setup because when we (I keep saying we as it is a friend of mine and I not my split personality) record on track two listening with headphones everything works correctly. We need for the playback to come through the mixers at the same time we are recording multiple tracks. Also, I am using a Audigy Platinum Sound card which only has a single headphone 1/4 inch plug. We run a cable from this output to a track on the mixer. Suggestions?

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    I'm goinG tO TaKe a guess that tHE " sound loop " you're talking about is an oscillation. If this is it, you are getting an annoying and rather powerful squeal coming from your speakers(or head set). It sounds like feedback only it is constANt and happens instantly. The cAUSE OF THIS<(again just guessing), is likely that your output from the soundcard is going into a channel on the board which is then going out of the board into the input of the soundcard. This is the "loop" you have created. If you have the master left/right outputs going into the soundcard you need to fix this buy changing your setup a bit. I suggest that you change the soundcard input from the master left right, to either an aux output, or the output from a subgroup if your mixer has this. You would then assign your playback to the left/right output to headset and/or speakers, and your record track to aux or subgroup. This way you can eliminate the loop, while controlling what you hear and when you hear it completely.
    Good luck.
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    Get rid of that SoundBlaster audio card. It's worthless for trying to do MULTITRACK recordings. Your options are greatly increased with the addition of a Hi Res multi I/O audio card.

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