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Discussion in 'Mastering' started by JerryTubb, May 30, 2005.

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    We're beginning to see a trickle of information from Sonic Studio about their new CD prep software, soundBlade.CD for Mac OS X. It's apparently being previewed at AES in Barcelona this weekend.

    Quote from

    "On the release horizon, Sonic Studio will be demonstrating pre-release versions of their much anticipated soundBlade.CD application for CD prep. soundBlade.CD is the first premastering application for Mac OS to come to market in over a decade and anticipation in the pro audio community is high."

    Although I've been quite pleased with the newest release of Apple's WaveBurner OSX, I'll be looking forward to adding this one to our audio "arsenal".

    Anyone have more info ?

    I do think the name "soundBlade" is a little goofy... what are we gonna do... "cut" a record with it ?
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    Maybe you will

    SonicStudio's new software model is quite modular. It appears, to date, that each app they have released for OS X can integrate with the other in some fashion. Plus, SonicStudio licensed Vive from iZotope (announced at AES Barcelona), which allows soundBlade•CD to have access to noise restoration tools prior to making the master. SonicStudio has also licensed other things that one would not normally associate with an app such as soundBlade•CD or SonicStudio•DDP.

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