soundcard for PT, fostex d-108

Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by nofreakennames, Jun 24, 2002.

  1. I have a small system that i set up in my basement, I have a Mackie 24x8, a fostex D-108 multitracker, i'm sick of having to put everything on zips and cds to bring the tracks into Pro-Tools to mix. Is there a sound card that not incredibly expensive that would allow me to import the tracks via the ADAT outs or the SCSI or s/pdif outs on the fostex. I was looking at a Korg DRS 1212 card. would this be worth it?

    Any input would be helpful thanks

    PS im running on a PC platform
  2. Espec. if your preferred editing/mix environment is Pro Tools, your best option may be to get into a Digi 001 system (which has ADAT Lightpipe on the PCI card, plus of course the analog I/O & S/PDIF on the ext. audio interface).
    Definition of "inexpensive" depends on your situation, however.
    Exactly what version of PT are you using now, though? (If you're already into a higher-end 24|Mix system, etc., I assume you know about the ADAT 24-bit Bridge I/O? Again, not what we could call dirt cheap...)

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