Soundcard Recommendations anyone?

Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by Matrixmillion, Mar 3, 2002.

  1. Yup. I need some - under £300 (bout $350 USD) if possible.

    At the moment im on a stoneage card - Soundblaster PCI64 and i have latency probs all the time in Logic and Cubase (strangely enough its ok in reason)

    So, post 'em here, wiv links please! :D

  2. Just like to add that i WAS looking at the Edirol-UA5 but coz' its USB im kinda trying to forget bout it.

    Also the Maudio Audiophile has been rammed into my ear drums more than the music i listen too - is it really that good????
  3. It occured to me that i should tell you what im aiming to do.

    Ok, let me start by saying, im not a hardware person (not yet) im a soft synth junkie.

    Cubase, Logic, Reason are my main apps. along with FM7, Pro 52 and HALion - i wish to sample ambient noises (taps dripping etc..) i assume i will need a mic and a pre-amp. I want a card good enough to record audio and playback soft synths at the same time - with real low latency.

    Anthing else is a bonus really.
  4. Doublehelix

    Doublehelix Well-Known Member

    Oct 7, 2001
    Hey MM...

    I am not a soft synth guy, but my understanding is that the reason they are called "soft synths" is because they are run on the computer CPU and not on a card.

    However, you do need a keyboard, and that keyboard needs to have a path to get into the computer, via MIDI (some of the MIDI controller keyboards now can go into your system via the USB port). You talk about an this the new soft synth, or do you have a real Yamaha FM7?

    We need some more information here about your keyboard(s)....

    Your price range obviously limits what you can do, but there are lots of vendors out that can probably fit the bill...

    look at Echo's Mia or Gina at:


    Also, check out some of the RME Hammerfall Cards:


    Good Luck!
  5. Yes, FM7 is a truly AMAZING soft synth from the gods themselves, Native Instruments -

    I have a midi keyboard. The Evolution 249c - it also has 12 fully assignable knobs so automation isnt to much of a problem for me either.

    Im heavily using Reason at the moment - i want to make the move into using Soft Synths with Logic (Not cubase as i prefer Logic) i also want to use Reason with Logic via Rewire.

    As i understand it, the soundcard effects the audio quality of the pc and the latency between midi and audio.

    I looked at the MIA - but from what i can see it has no Midi input! i dont want to use the usb since the midi port on the soundcard will be faster.

    So i was looking at the Audiophile, and its a possibilty.
    Taking a look at the Hammerfall website now...
  6. I have a Pentium 3 Intel 450mhz with 196mb sdram
  7. Destron

    Destron Member

    Feb 25, 2002
    It's amazing that somebody that uses both Cubase and Logic, Halion, Pro-52, FM7, Reason, a <$200 MIDI controller and a PIII 450 w/a Soundblaster PCI64 only JUST NOW thought of upgrading their soundcard to get playable latency with softsynths.

    Anyway, I use the Delta 1010 and it has served me very well, so I can't imagine the Audiophile is much different than a 2-track version. Don't even bother with hammerfall on your budget.
  8. Tbh ive been buying and borrowing things offa friends and relatives.

    I got my keyboard THIS christmas just gone, i wouldve got the soundcard before it, but i really really HATE having to input notes and automation by mouse!

    *stabs the mouse*

    Yup. Im going for Audiophile since A: in the UK its £158.63 from - they have a cheaper OEM version, but im not sure what OEM means - does it just mean it dont have the bundled sofware? Thats the only difference that i can see between the two.

    Thx for ya' replies.

  9. knightfly

    knightfly Active Member

    Jan 18, 2002
    "OEM" stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer - It's intended for system builders. Most stuff that says "OEM" is just the one piece, sometimes in a plain white plastic bag. No software (or crippled SW) no cables, no brackets, NADA. If you're not a techie with a lot of extra loose pieces laying around to fill in, go for the "retail box" version of anything in a computer. The few extra dollars will save you major frustration. (Example: wanna get on the web and download a manual, drivers, and formatting software for a hard drive, then go to the computer store and buy a pair of brackets/rails, an IDE cable, and a bezel? Then buy "OEM".)You were on the right track, only difference is now you know you are, and why... Steve
  10. ah thanks, that cleared it up for me :)

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