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Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by the_licker, Mar 23, 2006.

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    im using cool edit pro 2.1 to record. im using a fostex fd-8 digital 8 track recorder as the mixer(i gave up trying to figure out how to use the fd-8 :cry: ). im playing into the fd-8 and getting decent sound. i want to upgrade my soundcard. there is a low low hiss on recordings. what do you suggest? id rather get an external soundcard if possible. im not well learned with computers, is this possible without removing my current soundcard? id just plug the external to my usb port?
    id also like to spend no more than like $100-$150 ..
    suggestions? thanks guys! :wink:
  2. simran

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    go for aduigy pro or sblive <creative soundblasters>
    but audigy will be good as it has asio as per my knowledge!

    best of luck
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    hey man,

    check out it has all the basics of what soundcard to get and everything you need to know to get recording. I would stay away from soundblaster type cards because everytime I see someone mention one, people say they are for "gaming only!" You might want to get a firewire audio interface. the only problem with those is years from now you can't sell them they are a soundcard, preamps, sometimes a mixer, all in one. where as if you get a soundcard and a high quality preamp or mixer, you can just replace the soundcard in the future and keep the mixer or preamp, that's what I'm doing.
  4. simran

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    its not like that bro!! :cool:
  5. Kunalgiri

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    Jan 12, 2006
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    Hi the_licker

    First I would ask how many simualtanious tracks recording do you need? If your need is more that 2 then you might want to go for M-Audio Delta 1010Lt....With this card you dont need to worry about upgrading it for a long time, its about $200 but its worth it and you could have 8 track record and play simultaniously and many more advance features, very reliable and great on quality. If your need is for 2 track record and playback then go for M Audio Mobile Pre USB, its small and good on quality.

    like luke404 said Stay away from soundblaster card, they are know and preformance are made for gaming.

    Hope this helps

    Kunal Giri

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