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  1. Me and my buddy are looking for a new soundcard for his Dell. the computer is soley made for recording purposes and only has acid and sonar on it now. we want a serious soundcard for it, as we are purchasing a humongous studio mixer soon. any suggestions?
  2. David French

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    Jun 19, 2002
    What's your pricerange, computer specs, and how many tracks do you wish to record simultaneously?
  3. Any price range really and Im not quite sure how many tracks simaltaneously, I look for alot of variety in my music(House and Hip/Hop) but do band recordings as well....Also we use a newer Dell with only 2 programs on it, sonar and acid but i dont hve the specs right now....if theyre a must i can post them later on....than ks alot, you post alot of quality answers for me. :)
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    Try Motu HD...192... and you can patch it up with one of Yamaha's digital mixer..
    you can also try... Tascam FW-1884
    its audio interface plus control surface..
    it can also be expanded with aditional exapandable fader packs each consisting of 8 channels..

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