soundcraft compact 4 experiences ?

Discussion in 'Consoles / Control Surfaces' started by sanatik, Feb 15, 2005.

  1. sanatik

    sanatik Guest

    want to buy an little 2+2 mixer to connect my emu0404 / active wharfedales / studio projects b1 / headphones & av receiver.

    is the soundcraft compact 4 an good buy ?
  2. Fizzen

    Fizzen Guest

    Soundcraft compact x

    I looked at the Compact 4 but bought the Compact 10 instead as it offered a lot more inputs for not a lot more cash.
    I am very pleased with the 10, it is well thought out.

    I used to have a rack of synths & Fx going thru a Behringer 2804 mixer into my desktop PC but now I have cut down to a few synths, the compact 10 and a laptop running Sonar3.

    My Mics are MXL990 and Rode NT1 .

    There is a good review of the mixer here.....

    search for ..

    Soundcraft Compact 10
  3. sanatik

    sanatik Guest

    thx fizzen

    i did open at soundansound an thread too and did get a lot of infos about the soundcraft. Did read the review too.

    i have no outboard equipment, am recording only one vocal line and don´t need the inputs of the compact 10.

    i think that 115 euro are not much for an good quality mixer.

    Have to buy an midi masterkeyboard too and need for this around 200 euro ;-)
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