Soundelux 95S opinions ?

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by Kirk Candlish, Mar 17, 2002.

  1. I'm considering one and would appreciate opinions on this mic from anyone who has used it.
  2. yaono

    yaono Guest

    I really like my U95S! It`s a well constructed mic and the results that i`ve been getting with it have been excellent. Also, Soundelux and Trans Audio are really top notch. I sent my mic in to get a check up and they upgraded the power supply no charge. Richard at Trans Audio was very helpful and on top of it. IMHO, a company that backs up their product is a HUGE plus!
  3. Thanks for the reply. I've ordered one and will have a chance to run it through a great Neve board to try it out.
  4. ¿HuH?

    ¿HuH? Guest

    Kirk... you are in innerTUBE audio's area code...
    why don't you give stayne a call and have a little mic shootout?

    innerTUBE audio phone number: 805 965-6060
  5. Bear's Gone Fission

    Bear's Gone Fission Active Member

    Jan 4, 2001
    Apparently I'm actually missing something by not reading the glossies. I didn't think that could happen.

    So I know about the U87 tube retro-fit. I've heard mumbling about the mic he builds into a mag-lite but I don't know if it's particularly good, what it sounds like, or what it costs. Can someone spot me a clue here?

  6. ¿HuH?

    ¿HuH? Guest

    It would be difficult to quantify any mic... but this MagMic by innerTUBE is darn good.
    It's got a C12vr capsule and a voodoo tube circuit that has an incredibly low noise floor. Oh yea... it is almost line level output too.
    I have done vocals driving a compressor directly from the mic... no pre amp. That doesn't suck.
    Sounds really good and has a far 'reach' sounds great at a distance.
    As whimsical a mag light flashlight mic body may be, consider that it is probably the most durable mic casing around, ask LAPD. It lists for 3.5k but Stayne is a horse trader, you might have a piece of gear he wants. He also does completely destructive mods on various mics as well. He turned a couple of Gefell UM80's into a pair of beautifully useable microphones.
    Is this verging on too much information?
  7. I'm not only in his area code, I'm practicly right next door. It would take me about 10 minutes to get to his place.

    A couple of buddies have his modified U87s and they love them. I'm not as impressed. I've been in on sessions when they were used and they are very nice mics. I also have been in on sessions with Lawsons and Soundelux mics that kicked some serious butt, for way less money and hassle than a modified Nuemann. So I'm going that route and buying the Soundelux first, a Lawson is next.
  8. What are the major differences between the U99 and U95? I just received a U99 from Fletcher and so far it is impressive on my male tenor voice.
  9. kirk,
    the 10 minute drive to 'stayne central' would be an eye opening experience for you. i will walk you thru my vacuum tube museum of old stuff and show you what a Mag Mic can do. you owe it to yourself to listen before you buy anything else.
  10. osmuir

    osmuir Member

    Apr 3, 2001
    U95s: use it, love it. smooth, unhyped, loves compression. i wish it had more output though...and i hope the shockmount is better [i'm gonna call to get mine upgraded, my knob is a bitch to turn].

  11. My U95S arrived today, damned sweet looking mic, impressive presentation. I've got the opportunity to check it out through a vintage BBC Neve board, I can't wait. After that I'll try it through the Great River and an Avalon M5.

    Stayne I appreciate the invite, I'm there. I'll give you a call.

    ETA on my new Lawson is 2 months, sheesh.

    Thanks for all the replies.
  12. yaono

    yaono Guest

    Keep us posted on how you like the mic. Try out the variable patterns. Also, tell us what signal path and what it is that you`ve recorded w/ the U-95S
  13. YoAono I'll gladly give you the details as I check out this mic.
  14. teddancin

    teddancin Member

    Mar 16, 2002
    Santa Barbara, I lived there for 8 years, and moved away about 2 years ago. Beautiful place to live, most of my friends still live there.

    Mag-light Mic huh? That's kinda cool sounding. BTW, if you don't mind me asking, how much did you drop on that Soundelux U95?

  15. Yeah SB is a nice place, hard to afford a good studio space though as they clear all the industrial areas for condos.

    The U95S lists at $3500 and you can find them for $3200 at Mercenary. I did better than that through a dealer that needed to move some inventory fast.
  16. Masternfool

    Masternfool Active Member

    Dec 3, 2001
    A friend came over sat. with a demo he did with a female voc. using the u95...WHOA what a with so much air you could float a balloon on it..And I get to borrow it!! :tu:
  17. Masternfool let us know how it goes trying out the U95 and ask your buddy what pattern he had the mic set on when he recorded the demo.

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