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    I'm interested in the U195 or U99 as primarily a vocal mic and secondarily for acoustic guitars. I was considering a Neumann U87ai, but have heard undesireable things about them. Could someone describe the sound differences between the two Soundelux models and what types of voices/styles of music work better or worse on either?

    Thanks ~
  2. Produceher

    Produceher Distinguished Member

    Oct 27, 2001
    I actually A/B'ed these two mics against the Soundelux Elux 251, Sony C800G and the Brauner Valvet.

    First of all the U99 is twice the price of the U195.

    If you can't spend this much than just get the U195. It's great bang for the buck.

    I spent three sleepless nights deciding between the Valvet and the U99. Both equally great. I chose the Brauner Valvet and I still can't explain why.

    I can tell you if I had a billion dollars it would stil be between these mics. (Although the VM-1 might jump in at $9,000)

    I would call mercenary audio and have Fletcher send you the U99, U195 and te Valvet. You need to decide.

    Good Luck.

    PS, I was using Neve Mic Pre's


    Yeah, I know I need to just hear them for myself. I want to narrow down things as much as possible first so I don't need to try out like 5 mics. Thanks for the words and the referal.



    I've been reading a lot about the Studio Projects mics lately. Would the C1 or C4 be comparable to the U195 or U99? Are the two soundelux worth the extra money? What would be the main sound differences? Detail? Depth? Warmth? I really curious since it seems SP is making mics that sound so much more expensive.

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    Dec 10, 2001
    Pacific NW
    The SP mics are very good value for the money.They are not, nor would Brent or Alan claim them to be, on the level with a U99 or a U195 Soundelux.Whereas you can certainly get some very very good sounds on the SP's ,all of the values you mentioned.. ie. detail, depth ,and warmth, will be much more evident in the Soundelux.Are they worth the extra money? This is a question only you can answer for yourself.I'm very much of the same mindset on this as Produceher is....given a large budget, I would buy the U99 or the U195 before even considering anything else including the well known German brands. I do own a couple of SP mics and have heard several more and at their price point can honestly recommend them as a mic to have in a studio's locker that will see some regular use.Having heard a U99 recently I would put it first in any category,on any source.


    Thanks Davedog - that's just what I needed. I really want to know what that "price difference" makes in terms of sound. I'm not looking for something "good for the money." Just GOOD. So, I appreciate the distinction you made.

    Take care~

  7. skadarnold

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    No comparison between my Soundelux U95 and my C1. The Soundelux is amazing. But i still love the C1. If you can get a Soundelux U99 go ahead and get a C1 or something similiar while your at it.


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