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    Can anyone with a really experienced ear (of if someone happens to know the session details) tell me or give me a clue as to what they used to get that nice, raunchy, full-bottomed bass guitar sound on "Fell on Black Days"? I'm trying to figure out if it was post effects processing or a combination of mic preamp and amp/instrument tone...really looking to get that kinda of sound on one of my songs. Another song with the same raunchy, deep bass tone is on the Cruel Intentions soundtrack Kristen Barry - Ordinary Life is the name of the track - the choruses have that same tone I am looking for. Thanks everyone in advance for your consideration and advice. :)
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    i read a detailed article in that, lemme check i left a post there but i know for a fact the engineer had 3 tracks of bass

    amped and mic'd with a woofer speaker rewired,
    then both played through the pa then mic'd again.

    lemme check, i put a link on one of my posts to the article a week ago or so
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    read this, it's in there!!! 8)
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    thanks man, I read the article and it helped a lot. The two fader technique is wonderful and not only does it make my bass tracks more powerful and more prominent - but it also makes them a little less mudded up. Very informative. Much thanks!

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