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Discussion in 'Computing' started by bean438, Apr 27, 2005.

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  1. bean438

    bean438 Guest

    This month's SOS mag features a review on the soundscape mixtreme power pak, and new mixtreme card.
    A while back there was a review on the Creamware stuff.
    It all looks good, but I was wondering why you dont hear too much about these products?
    The popular stuff is PTLE systems, Cubase/Nuendo/Cakewalk?sonar, etc.
    I am leary of more obscure companies. When I bought my soundcard, Aardvark was not a popular card, but I felt they offered the best bang for you buck. (directpro 24/96).
    Now they are out of business. This makes me afraid to purchase anything Soundscape/Creamware.
    What are your thoughts?
    Why doesnt Cubase/Nuendo/Sonar/whoever start producing their own " UAD" type cards that work with the software?
    You could buy cubase sx, run it on a fast pc and be happy. Running out of power? No problem just add a "CubaseUAD" card.
    Need even more power? No problem, just add more cards.
    But do it for less than Digi does.
    A UAD card can be bought for 400-500 USD.
    This would be a reasonable price to pay for a card.
    It would be a great alternative to upgrading a pc, and a great way to generate money.
  2. anonymous

    anonymous Guests

    Feb 10, 2001

    been a soundscape dealer for awhile but it had alot of draw backs that now seem fixed...

  3. voidar

    voidar Guest

    Creamware user here. I really think it has a superior sound to most native applications.

    XTC-mode with SawStudio is a great compination. Or you could bus out all tracks into the SFP-environment and do your mixing there.

    There are some issues however. XTC-mode requires some manual tweaking.
  4. tundrkys

    tundrkys Guest

    What's wrong with buying more UAD-1 cards(or T.C. electonics for that matter). Generally speaking it is my understanding they work fine in most systems. In the event they do not work, I hear UAD is pretty helpful in getting your system working.
  5. MrPhil

    MrPhil Guest

    Soundscape is a rock solid pro DAW-system that really is a PT-killer. :twisted:
    It's bigger in europe than the states tho.
    It has been on the market since 1993 I think, and provides many different solutions, both native and outboard, and even combined now. Was owned by Mackie a short while, so their controllers work fine with the system.
    It has never gone to be as big as PT, but the users (incl myself) that tried it are mostly hooked.
    More details here:
    If you want a serious recording DAW and don't like PT, you really should try this! It's also compatible with PT as you can import and export PT-files.
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