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Speck xtramix

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by patrick, Jul 15, 2001.

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  1. patrick

    patrick Guest

    I am using synthesizers and a sampler going into a daw (Yamaha 4416), and am planning to build up my front end (following the wisdom of all of you who give great advice here :) ).

    A few questions:

    How does it sound?

    Is there any other small mixer--fewer input channels would be acceptable--in it's price range or lower, that would be comparable in sound quality or better? (The Speck is $3500 at Mercenary).

    If not, how much more would it cost for a mixer of equivalent sound quality (again, fewer inputs would be acceptable), with the addition of decent eq and mic-pre's? (Any examples?)

  2. patrick

    patrick Guest

    Thanks Bob.

    Your comments came at a very good time. When I first posted, I was just thinking about future possibilies, but I then happened to come across a used Xtramix on the Speck website, and with your comments for backup, I decided to go for it.

    I was back in Canada cooling off for a month before I got it shipped here, but now it's set up and sounds just great. I can hear everything much better than before, including the difference between before and after digital conversion, which means that now I have to buy some better converters. (Well, if I'd know about these forums and been learning about equipment and stuff here before I got the Yamaha, I might not have got it, but now I've got it so I'll have to see what I can do with it. But I certainly need better converters!).

    Anyway, the Speck sounds absolutely great, so i just wanted to say thanks.

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