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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by jmoraragweed, Jun 4, 2003.

  1. jmoraragweed

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    Hey all!

    I'm currently using Samplitude to record on my PC and am always looking to try out new software.

    I'd like to find something that specifically has one feature: the ability to record at different speeds.

    I have an old 4-track that I would record my guitar at one speed, alter (usually increase) the tape speed, and then record the vocals at another. When I lowered the tape speed, everything would stay in tempo and tune.

    I haven't been able to find a product (or plugin) that did something similar. Usually when I alter the speed, the timing seems to be off or the recorded track isn't altered in the way I'm looking for.

    Any suggestions?
  2. You are doing this for performing-related reasons (like feeling the song more at a faster tempo)? Doc
  3. jmoraragweed

    jmoraragweed Guest

    Yes, but to slow it down actually. I like recording the vocals at a higher speed (and higher pitch) - my voice seems to have an easier time with it. Any ideas?
  4. I frankly don't think you are going to find a digital solution that sounds like what you were getting with analog (even four track). If you have played around with the pitch correctors you will know what I mean. You find it easier to match your pitch to higher than what the tracks were recorded at? You could bounce all your music tracks down to stereo and then pitch that up, record your vocal, then pitch your vox down by the mirror amount and hear what it sounds like against the original bed tracks. Frankly, I would recommend doing it on analog, against a rough bounce, using the tape machine to change your pitch, then dump it in to your daw.
    I don't know if this makes me a well-behavedplug-insmod or a misbehaving mod. Oh well, I guess nobody is ever going to accuse me of shilling for AutoTune. Buy a harmonizer;) Doc
  5. jmoraragweed

    jmoraragweed Guest

    Aren't "Sexy Halter Top" or "Boy Band Sheen" requirements for using Harmonizers/Autotune? :D
  6. Blutone

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    LMAO! Aren't those actual Autotune presets?
  7. MisterBlue

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    Mar 15, 2003
    Hey bumble, you might want to check out the Melodyne software from Celemony at http:// . It's not a cheap package but seems to do what you need.

    Also check out the respective thread in the "Computing" section of this forum.


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