Spider III Vs. Spider IV, 75 Watts Vs. 120 Watts

Discussion in 'Microphones & Recording' started by submersed, Sep 11, 2009.

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    Hey guys, I'm looking into purchasing a guitar amp, specifically for recording. I'm wondering higher watts will have any effect on recording quality. I will be using the record out jack they have on the amp, not micing it.

    Also, what differences am I going to see between the Spider III and Spider IV? The only difference I could find was 4 additional amp models, and 50 more presets. Are there any other large differences in these two models?

    How will the quality sound using the recording out jack, to a USB 2.0 preamp, to my DAW?
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    Watts don't really matter in the line 6 stuff, as the power amp stage is clean in them.

    Go for the one that has the sounds you like. I have the Spider 15 and found the direct out on very noisy,I don't use it that way.

    I do mic it, an it sounds the same loud or quiet which I like.

    A Lot of people buy lower watts tube amps and crank them to get a natural compression from the rectifier tubes.

    With the DSP amps you don't get that, but you do get a consistant sound. If you like that sound, great!

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