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Spirit Absolute 2

Discussion in 'Consoles / Control Surfaces' started by Bahia, Sep 18, 2003.

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  1. Bahia

    Bahia Guest

    Hi everybody,I^d like to have some feedback on the Spirit Absolute 2...

    I cannot say i am a totally unlucky guy...some friend of mine who is leaving the country kinda of gave me a pair of Absolutes 2 and Samson Servo 170 amp...so the days of hi-fi monitors are finally over...

    I know that the spirits are already a piece of museum...but mine are brand new!!!! she never used it...

    I`d like to know more about it,maybe some of you guys had one before and can share some of your experiences with the box...specially in comparrinson with the modern ones...

  2. hemal

    hemal Guest

    Hi i used to have these monitors. They are amazing to get a mix sounding great eeverywhere but ditch the amp. Trade it in for a hafler p3000 and you will have a top notch monitoring system. Make sure they are on firm stands(sand filled ) or on concrete blocks(you can cover them in cloth to make them look nice) They sound great!!! Oh yeah pull them out at least a foot from the wall, use decent speaker cable and bi-wire them for sure. They sound very accurate but big at the same time. I used them with Audioquest type 4+ cable and get the stereo store to terminate it with decent plugs. Dont use Shitty cable these speakers will sound like ass!! lol
    hope it helps
  3. mtec21

    mtec21 Guest

    these speakers are great. i agree with the other member about buying a better amp. most of all get decent cable and these boxes will rock.definatly bi-wire and ur get a much better sound. as for speaker stands if u can afford them then u will have a much better sound. if not put them on a shelf with some acoustic foam under them and make sure they r away from the wall a little. they also sound better standing upright , but thats only my personnel opinion. have fun.
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