SPL Channel One and TL Audio 5051 mk2 comparison

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Arvid, May 19, 2006.

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  1. Arvid

    Arvid Guest


    Newbie to this forum.

    I´m on my way to purchase a budget micpreamp. Have found two good deals on two separete products; a SPL Channel One and a TL Audio 5051 mk2. The SPL is second hand and the 5051 is brand new. The prices for them are about the same (990USD for the 50501, 1070USD for the SPL)

    Monteverdi - Ah dolente partita

    The mic I´m using is a RODE NT2a. Recording on a Digi002R.

    I´m mainly going to use them for recording voiceovers for Tv, but also for recording various instruments, like acoustic guitars.

    Having tried the SPL one one VO-session i find it overall good, the de-esser is a nice feature. The meters are also easy to work with.
    But I think I´ll miss attack and release buttons when it comes to recording musical instruments.

    The TL Audio seems good, but I don´t have opportunity to try it before I buy it. It does have attack and release controls, but from what I´ve heard, these buttons doesn´t do much effect on the attack/release times. I´ve also heard that the compressor is working in a very transparent way, compared to the SPL, where you can "beef up" the sound a lot.

    Any suggestions?

    Anyone who have tried any other brands in the same pricerange?

    Forget about the tube circuits and go for a Presonus Eureka?

    Any tips would be great!
  2. Clive Banks

    Clive Banks Guest

    From my personal experience I would steer away from anything by TL audio . i would not even consider them alongside behringer product in some cases.Go for the SPL.
  3. ciubz

    ciubz Guest

    i use a SPL CHANNEL ONE with a AT$)^) tube mic, the sound i get is wery pleasing to my ears. The EQ is wery usefull, and don't worry about the attack and release knobs, the standart tunning works well.

    TLaudio is entry level stuff

    SPL is pro level stuff
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