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Discussion in 'Mastering' started by robchittum, Mar 4, 2003.

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    I know the subject of mixing room set-up has been beaten to death, but I really need some words of wisdom. I have a newly constructed 11' X 11' room in my basement that I just built to record and mix in. I have been told by many and have read numerous posts that trying to mix in square room is tantamount to pissing in the wind. However, it's all I have to work with...My question is...Can a room this size be treated to be usable? I know it will never be optimal, and that there will always be a challenge with bass frequency accuracy. I am putting 705 board on the side walls, above the console/speakers, diffusers in the rear of the room and a pretty much live front of the room. Some words of encouragement please, the thought of my new dynaudio BM6a's being worthless in this space depressess the hell out of me. Thanks.
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    If you care to repost this in my Acoustics forum [listed on the RO main page] we can discuss it in more detail. Generally speaking, a square or cube shaped room is the worst shape, but it can still work given enough acoustic treatment - especially bass traps.

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    Thanks Ethan,
    I will re-post it in your forum. I appreciate the heads up. Sometimes I don't know where to best post questions.

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