Squier Deluxe Series Satin Trans Fat Strat

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by born2suffer, Feb 18, 2006.

  1. born2suffer

    born2suffer Guest

    hi ppl ! :D
    I wanna buy a new guitar and somehow I really think that the Squier Deluxe Series Satin Trans Fat Strat looks hot. However, I haven't read much about it coz I don't seem to find many reviews of it.
    I wanna know about the neck. Is it thicker than a B.C. Rich ? I suppose that being a Fender copy it is :cry: . But whatever :D .. I started with a Jackson neck, whis is dead thin, and went to B.C. Rich which is a lot thicker, at least at the nut.
    What else could you tell me about it ?

    Thanx for any help.
  2. Nirvalica

    Nirvalica Guest

    well, fender necks are usually pretty thin. if you want a thick neck, check out a gibson. honestly, i would stay away from squier. check out the fender fat strat. (mexi version) its $360. you can look on ebay or in stores for a used one that should run you about $200. mexi strats are excellent guitars. if you upgrade hardware and pups, it will be comparable to an american series.
  3. kevinlimse

    kevinlimse Guest

    Fat strats.. I don't see the asset of it. The bridge tilted single coils is unique to strats which give it the glassy sound. if you want it fat, try a les paul or sg... hotter lookings are to be ibanez ones or PRS of which some may be within your budget and perhaps get better sound than the squier.

    i would agree staying away from squier, it is a tarnished brand of fender. Far from Gibson's branch 'Epiphone' which has reputation. I just don't think humbucks are for strats, may want to look at SSS if you really want squiers.
  4. born2suffer

    born2suffer Guest

    I just like the strat body. Plus I never play stock pups. I use the dimarzio X2N which I think fits my sound best. I'll try to get a mexi strat if u ppl say that strat necks are thin :) .. thanx for the suggestions.
  5. bluesdudeo

    bluesdudeo Active Member

    Aug 25, 2005
    Bodmin moor, Cornwall UK
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    if you want strings on a log .... go with squire ... this years model.
    ( some of their earlier stuff was nice)
  6. Nirvalica

    Nirvalica Guest

    definatly don't get a squier, they are total $*^t. seriously, get a mexi. theres nothing wrong with getting a fat strat, although i wouldn't because i like the look of s/s/s. kevin... maybe he wants to get a humbucker jimmy page-ish sound from the bridge, but still wants to get a hendrix and srv tone from the single coil neck and mid. whats wrong with that? if you really want a humbucker sound but u like the look of s/s/s, get a singlecoil sized humbucker...
  7. born2suffer

    born2suffer Guest

    actually I don't want any single coil stuff :) .. all I care about is the original strat body style, not jackson or ibanez. I only use the dimarzio X2N anyway ... I don't care for the stock pups.
    What I do care for is a straight neck, that's why I wouldn't get a 100$ squier, but I think that the 250$ one might be a lil better, plus the body is mahagony :)
    I will try to find a mexi one .. hopefully it'll work

    thanks again for the comments.
    rock on !
  8. gperryman

    gperryman Guest

    I play a Fender, but....

    I play a 80s Tele and I really like it, I also play a washburn strat copy w a dbl doil in the bridge pos. The washburn works good for recording (so does the tele) however there's really no comparison when it comes to feel the Tele rules. My point is a squire will be alright, but you'll be happier buying a bit more expensive Fender than a Squire.
  9. Nirvalica

    Nirvalica Guest

    Re: I play a Fender, but....

    you'd definatly be happier with a fender than squier. i used to have a squier strat, then i got a mexi fender strat and was blown away about how much better it felt to play and sounded. today i just played a squier strat, and was blown away about how much it sucked. if you have the cash, get a fender....you won't regret it.
  10. Tommy P.

    Tommy P. Well-Known Member

    Jan 10, 2002
    Fender guitars have to be finished in a pro shop, they come rough from the factory. Much more than a setup, they need fret leveling/polishing and adjustment. There's no out of the box love, even with some custom shop models. Sad really. That said, there's nothin like havin a good fight with a '52 Tele. There's a special bond that develops between man and his wood. :D
  11. Nirvalica

    Nirvalica Guest

    really any guitar can benefit from that. really for most people, a fender out of the box will play fine. it might help to have the string height lowered, but thats not something that must be done in a pro shop. i did it to my own, and im only 15. :wink: i agree though, the fret job is a little rough on mine. it would be a good idea to take to a place, but unfortunatly there isn't a good place nearby to take it to. NJ sucks. hopefully im moving to a town with alot of guitar/amp repair shops, music stores, and recording studios :D
  12. Tommy P.

    Tommy P. Well-Known Member

    Jan 10, 2002
    Here's a serious shop in NJ. http://www.timeelect.com .
    And, if you can get across the river to the Big City, Peekamoose has a PLEK machine. http://www.plek.com

    You're right though, for most people an off the shelf Fender is fine. Enjoy what you have! :cool:
  13. Nirvalica

    Nirvalica Guest

    the shop in nj looks awesome. i emailed them asking for prices and such. how close are they to sparta?

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