SSHDR-1 Vs. R.E.D.

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    I currently own a SSHDR-1 unit that I picked up locally, I have yet to use the unit beacuse I have been using the spectral systems prism for the most part ( both considered to be dinosaurs in the digital audio realm ). I was considering selling the SSHDR-1 and upgrading to a newer SS system bringing myself into the future. In my situation is it worth the cost and learning curve. This is used in a small personal studio for my music and AV projects. I'd like to hear from anyone who has used the SS products in a non production environment to see if the improved specs are really worth the money envolved in upgrading.
    thanks .
  2. Hey Kevin,

    REd really rocks, but if you don't need the 32tracks or I/O or 96kHz, then editing is the same with SSHDR1-Plus, as they both run the same version of editing software. REd is fully 24 bit while SSHDR1-Plus does 12 track 16 bit and 6 tracks 24 bit.

    I'm assuming that you have the Plus version, but if not, this would be the first upgrade I would make. The diference is incredible now with V3.3 software compared to V1.18.

    I used SSHDR1-Plus at 16 bit in a professional environment for several years before upgrading to REd. The quality at 24 bits is definitely better, but what can you deliver it on right now? I know that many Soundscape users who have upgraded to REd are 100% happy, but there's also a bunch that have added a second SSHDR1-Plus for 24 tracks. They are also happy.

    I would also post on the Soundscape web site user forum for answers.

    Hope this helps,

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