Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by d-gautam, Apr 13, 2006.

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  1. d-gautam

    d-gautam Guest

    HI allllll,

    Here is something new from SSL

    Link removed

    wat is ur opinon about this? Is it of small project studios? & how much it costs?

    thanks & regards
  2. pr0gr4m

    pr0gr4m Well-Known Member

    Feb 9, 2005
    South Florida
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    Ever since the Waves plugin release there's been a buzz about this. Here my take after reading the info.

    Well, since it seems like it's completely external, I find it interesting that listed as one of it's requirements is a Mac G4 or G5 with OSX. You think they would have found a way to allow it to work with a wintel platform...but I just read in their FAQ where it says they will be releasing a universal binary solution in the summer...hopefully that will include support for Wintel...or winamd for that matter:)

    32 channels (@ 44.1 or 48kHz) is great and I have to assume it can handle that without any problems but why use Firewire 400 when 800 is right around the corner if not already in operation. Also, I've got no reason to use anything higher than 96kHz, but I find it interesting that that is it's upper limit and that it halves the number of channels one can use. I wonder if it's a processing problem or data transfer rate issue. The latter could probably be resolved by Firwire 800.
    Then to add to that, you can't use more than one at a time. So if you happen to be working at 192kHz, you can only use 16 channels and can't add any more devices to increase that number.

    I do not like the faux perspective and shadowing that they put on the virtual control surface knobs. Just seems like overkill and could make some settings harder to read at a glance.

    I couldn't find a price but I'm pretty damn sure I can't afford it.

    Finally, my guess is that this will sound better than the recently release Waves plugins but I'd be interested in know how different.
  3. MeLuvsLafs

    MeLuvsLafs Active Member

    May 26, 2006
    Sao Paulo
    Around the $2,000 mark according to

    According to the preliminary information available for Duende, it includes the EQ and Compression algorithms used on the C200 Digital consoles, whereas the Waves plug-ins are an emulation of the 4k E/G series. So, one would assume that they sound different.

    But then again, I remember the Axiom MT (and MT+) having E/G emulation modes which I guess made their way to the C200...

    Last news from SSL is that PC drivers are expected to be available before October 2006. AES San Francisco?

    To confirm, at sample rates 44.1kHz and 48kHz, you can run up to 32 mono plug-ins or 16 stereo plug-ins with Duende. At double sample rates, 88.2kHz and 96kHz, you can run up to 16 mono plug-ins or 8 stereo plug-ins. No higher rates are currently supported.

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