ST Audio DSP3000

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by MrPhil, Jan 18, 2005.

  1. MrPhil

    MrPhil Guest

    Sorry for double posting this, but it seems it's a lot more activity here than in the DAW board.

    has anyone got any info on the quality of this audio interface?

    ST Audio DSP3000

    And while on it, if anyone got any suggestions or thougts around the subject of upgrading, feel free. We today have an old Soundscape unit which we record and edit in, then export to wav and mix in Vegas4 on PC.
    When upgrading we find two major choices:

    1. Upgrading to a newer Soundscape REd32 which is expensive and hard to find used at the right price. Ditching Vegas.

    2. Go native and use Vegas from start to finish. (With maybe the DSP3000 above as audio interface) Ditching Soundscape.

    Any thoughts anyone?
  2. underworld

    underworld Guest

    well, i don't know about the dsp3000 specifically; however, i did recently upgrade from an ST Audio dsp2000 (c-port) setup. I bought the STA two years ago for about $450 - which was a steal at the time for the features you got in it.

    now, on the plus side, i found their driver updates to be pretty good and the overall features are good.

    but, the quality of the converters in the dsp2000 is pretty squarely in the "prosumer" category. i did a lot of research before upgrading - i was close to getting the MOTU, but in the end decided that I didn't really need 8 channels since I mostly record by myself... no band or anything. so, I ended up with the 6in/2out Lynx Two.

    Honestly, I can't believe what a difference it made. The DSP2000 sounded "cold", "harsh", and very "digital" compared to the Lynx. Mostly, I felt like the high end just was never right coming from the st audio.... the lynx converts whatever you give it faithfully.

    so, i would save my pennies an skip the st audio and go for a lynx...

    good luck.
  3. MrPhil

    MrPhil Guest

    Have som specs of the dsp3000 here;
    Controller Chip & Converters:

    ADC&DAC3000 external rack uses Crystal CS5396 24bit/96kHz ADCs with 120dB dynamic range (a-weighted) for all stereo input channels

    ADC&DAC3000 external rack uses AKM AK4393 24bit/96kHz DACs with 120dB dynamic range (a-weighted) for all stereo output channels

    Do you have any idea if that's the same converters used, or new better?

    Is that a MOTU Lynx ?

    I've heard that MOTU and Vegas don't marry well?
  4. underworld

    underworld Guest

    here's the spec on the ADC/DAC2000 which comes with the DSP2000:

    ADC&DAC2000 external rack uses AKM AK4524 ADC/DAC (24bit/96kHz, 100dB S/N ratio a-weighted) converters on all stereo inputs and outputs

    The Lynx I mentioned is the Lynx Two from, uses:

    "DACs and stereo ADCs of the highest brand (Crystal CS4396 and AKM AK5394)"
  5. MrPhil

    MrPhil Guest

    Yey! Thanks for the info!
    Seems like Lynx and the DSP3000 has the same brands of converters, although not the same model.

    The Lynx models only offer more than 2ch input on the Aurora models (8-16) and they cost $2195 for 8ch, and are supposewd to work with the AES-card with additional cost, so we're talking a different category of price level to get what I need, even tho the gear seems very professional.
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