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    Can anyone offer me some advice regarding getting a stand alone CD recorder for our new facility?

    We have a budget of approximately £550 and our usual supplier has suggested a choice between the HHB830 burnit or the Marantz CDR510. We had originally wanted a tascam CDRW 2000 but have been told that they are now out of production.

    Essentially we are looking for something straight forward to use with a good set of converters, as we will be mostly using the analog inputs for our mixdowns.
    Has anyone got experience of these two products or perhaps sugghest some alternatives within our budget?

    Many thanks
  2. AudioGaff

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    Tascam makes the CDRW750 and it is a real good unit. The HHB830 has been around long enough to have proved it's self as a real worker unit. I prefer the Tascam. Then there is the used market if can you trust what and who you buy from.
  3. What about the Denon in that price range... or the slightly more costly Alesis Masterlink, which will burn CD24.
  4. AudioGaff

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    Denon makes real good stuff. I just have not used it. The Masterlink is a different beast as you need to record onto hard disk first then burn the CD-R. But it does allow for cheesball processing and editing before you burn the CD-R.
  5. pmolsonmus

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    my .02

    I have had the HHB850 for almost 3 years without a hitch and really like it. The plus of the 850 is the extra input/output options including balanced XLR ins and outs. (But be careful they're wired for England - I made special cables!) That's a nice feature for real quick live gigs - a small rack, 2 mics w/ cables and stands and you're set.

    I also purchased the HHB BurnIT for another situation and have no complaints and they both get used on a regular weekly basis.

    I would agree w/ Gaff on the other products but although I've used both Tascam and Marantz I've never A/B'd them against the HHB.

  6. edboy7

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    we have 2 5 year old HHB850s which are currently busted :( now were using Tascam cd-rw700 for 3 yrs and its starting to show some faults.
  7. dabmeister music

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    I have a Sony CD/RW-33 that I love to use when I conduct real-time mixes. The only problem I have is, why or may I put it as, did Sony stop production of their stand alone CD recorders? It's a good recorder IMO. It's has an onboard 3 band EQ & some other pre-mastering options. There's the CD/RW-66 which is the upper scaled version with the balanced I/O & AES/EBU digital I/O and better converters.

    BONGOMAN Guest

    Thanks for the feedback guys.......

    Edboy, whats happened to the HHB's is it a collection of faults or just totally buggered?
  9. AudioGaff

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    I also own the HHB 850 and it has performed solid for over 6-years. The HHB 830 is very much different though. The new Tascam CDRW750 has a new drive that is supposed to have longer life and be better with more forms of media.
  10. mattssons

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    Stand alone cdr burner

    I have a Marantz cdr 615 i bought in 97 works great but you need to slam it well.

    The only sad thing is that i thought it was broke as it didn't burn cdr's. After spending some 450Usd on a new laser it still did'nt work.
    I went through a LOT of hassle before i realised it only burns Cdrs of the old 650mb lenght.

    I guess it's really a mechanical thing as when this burner was made, i don't think these 700mb or more discs where around. Something to not if you buy an older stand-alone burner.

    Yours /Toby
  11. edboy7

    edboy7 Guest

    lens prob for both plus i think it has capacitor leak(1 unit)as per our repair guy, now its just eating dust and dirt i guess :cry: the Tascam 700 still working ok but it has to check your patience 1st before using it :D still very reliable :lol: user friendly too

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