Stands, clips, clamps for micing drums.

Discussion in 'Accessories / Connections' started by BobRogers, Apr 19, 2008.

  1. BobRogers

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    Apr 4, 2006
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    I'm getting tired of several of my cheap/makeshift stands - particularly those I'm using for micing drums. I have good stands for overheads and vocal mics, but most of the stands for getting into hard to reach places and old cheap stands that I've hacksawed and jerry-rigged. Time to buy something good and sturdy.

    What do you use for your kick mic, or for an under snare mic? I was looking at this K&M stand. Any good? Also, for putting a 57 on a snare - is there a good clamp that someone can recommend to replace a stand and keep things from being such a hairball around the set.
  2. The Audix D-vices (interchangeable with standard 5/8" clips) are my favorite clampstyle holders: the neck is generous and flexible enough to offer a fair amount of placement options.

    As for kick drum--since all my stands are cheap boom stands and I have many--I took the clip off one stand and swivelled on a boom arm from another stand, forming a boom stand with a jointed arm. It takes up some space, but generally in front of the kick it's no problem, and FrankenStand satisfies all my placement needs.
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    I have the Shure DMK-5752 drum mic kit - it comes with the A56D clamps which work quite well. @ $40 each, they are a bit pricey to buy separately though ...

    If you need some SM57s, the Shure kit is a pretty good deal (IMHO) - available here for $334 you get (3) SM57s, the Beta 52, and 3 of these clamps in a case for not a lot more than you'd spend on the 57s alone.

    K&M stands are good. I buy only AKG stands, which I believe are made by K&M - heavy, sturdy, great clutches. The weakness in AKG stands is how the threaded fitting is crimped into the ends of the tubes. I have one come loose on occasion - I fix it by drilling a hole through the tube and fitting and using a nail as a pin to secure things - quick, easy, and secure. I've had to do this twice in about 8 years with 8 stands - two of these fittings per stand/boom combo.
  4. Kev

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    Nov 13, 2001
    I have that drum mic stand you linked to
    but I don't use it for kick
    I have a smaller unit with a heavy solid base
    AND I still use a sand bag on it

    sand bags are good

    I have other small K/M stands and cheapies that I do use for drums and guitar amps

    I also have the drum clamps
    trouble is that, these Klamps are just not about these days so I can't link to them ... they can hold SM57s easy
  5. Boswell

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    Apr 19, 2006
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    I have a dozen or so of those K&M boom stands in various sizes from the ultra low profile to the tall ones - they are the best in the price range in my experience. They don't droop during use or fall apart in the mic stand bag. The folding legs can be a bit stiff, but that's no bad thing.

    I also have some telescopic clamps in different sizes for use around drum kits or where space is tight. These have a top end like a conventional boom stand but parasitize another mic stand's tripod legs by clamping on to the upright shaft. OK for light mics, but not for use with heavy LDCs, though. I can get three mics on one set of legs this way, reasonably mechanically balanced and individually adjustable..

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