Start small or go for expandability? Firestudio or Firepod?

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by shadewind, Aug 25, 2007.

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    I'm thinking of buying a firewire soundinterface in the likes of Presonus Firestudio, mostly because of the expandability with the ADAT connectivity. Thing is, for a poor sound engineering student like me, that's a lot of money. I'd gladly put out the money if it's an interface i can do with for some time. But if I decide to buy an external converter in, let's say, one or two years, is the Firestudio a card that will still satisfy me by then or will it become outdated? Should I go for something smaller like a Firepod or a Firebox in the meantime and completely replace it later?

    A good thing with ADAT connectivity is also the fact that I can record live gigs from a digital mixer as well...

    As of now, I'm leaning towards acually getting the Firestudio but I've got to think twice.
  2. I don't know too much about the Firestudio, but I would definately recomend getting something that you can grow into. You will need to upgrade sooner or later, so, if you can afford it, I would get the gear that will allow you the most time before you MUST upgrade because your creativity is being restricted.
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    FWIW: I like my Firestudio, and recommend it.

    I sold two Firepods and a Central Station, and bought the Firestudio. I needed the Firestudio's S/MUX to connect to the Focusrite ISA428 pre. The Firestudio also has the ability to connect to headphones and speakers. Plus I can add more inputs with a DigiMax or two if I need more than the 14 I already have (2 vintage Ampex 351, 4 ISA428, and 8 Firestudio). :D
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    I'm not very knowledgeable about the market for interfaces and converters, so take this for what it is worth.

    Just be aware that audio is a combination of "old technology" ( microphones, preamps, speakers, etc.) and rapidly evolving technology. It is almost never a good idea to buy rapidly evolving technology based on a long term need. Buy it for what you are doing now. Something better will be available five years from now (and maybe one year from now). My impression is that interfaces and converters fall into this category but I'd be happy to be educated on this.
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    Very well said!
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    The firestudio is not a 'card'. It is a stand alone firewire interface. You may want to research this product more, as it does not allow daisy chaining with other firewire devices, such as a firepod or a second firestudio.

    That being said, it's really not a very expensive piece of equipment and would get you up and recording right away.
  7. hxckid88

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    May 9, 2005
    I'm currently going to school for "sound art". At school we get the play with the big toys, the "old technology" and at home I have a Firestudio. I record my friends' bands, record my own music and I think its very upgradeable as far as "new technology" goes. I may not be as experienced as some of the old timers but I think it was money worth spending. I can definitely see myself using this in my home studio in the future.
  8. JesterMasque

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    The Firestudio is GREAT tool in the beginning multitrack studio because, as you said, of the ADAT connectivity. I have a Digimax FS and I love the preamps (XMAX Class A, same as in the Firestudio). I think the absolute best deal is having a Digimax FS S/MUX into the Firestudio for sixteen XLR inputs at 96k (or any other ADAT device with S/MUX output for that matter).

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