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  1. Hi there, my friend and I are starting a recording studio as a general partnership sometime this August hopefully. We've been in a few bands for about 10 years, as well, we've recorded many artists in a side project studio which was initially started to record our own music. So we can play guitar, bass, drums and sing, (my friend knows a little keyboard too) and we have recording experience.

    Now we're looking at doing a recording studio full time, as our main profession. So we've never registered a business or filed for business tax forms and all that. We're in Ontario Canada and are hoping there are others out there in the province who have started a studio and know which forms to get, etc. We're not too concerned with the studio side of things because we know our stuff and already have a business plan on what needs improvement, etc. We're just new to the legal side of things, business registration, business name registration, (ie. are those two separate processes to go through?). Also, what insurance needs must we meet and where do we need to cover our arses legally speaking?


    Joel Tymchuk - TRF
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    Feb 6, 2006
    Sorry, I know nothing about creating a company in Canada.

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