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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by stedel, Apr 5, 2002.

  1. stedel

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    April 6 /2002.
    Saturday morning. Wombarra.East Coast of Australia. Approximately 65k’s from Sydney. Beautiful calm morning. I’m listening to "The Chillout Annual 2002", a two CD set/compilation put out by the "Ministry Of Sound". First track on CD Two.
    "trippin’" by Goldtrix, featuring Andrea Brown – "They say I’m crazy……". Seems fitting somehow.

    Hmm…nice place here, bit bare though.

    FF Memo to myself 1
    Post Personal Message to audiokid. I’d like to do something a bit different here. Any chances? Work on outline for Fairlight Forum on Monday.
    Send it of to audiokid, see what he thinks.

    FF Memo to myself 2
    Nice of audiokid, Renie, Julian, and nightfly to welcome me. Julian wishes me good luck. I’m going to need it! Personal messages to these guys thanking them.

    FF memo to myself 3
    Re me not owning anything by Fairlight. I’ve never even used one. Let alone touched one. I mentioned this when I first suggested I would like to become
    Forum Moderator here. It’s funny, because five months ago I thought I would be buying one of the new ProTools HD systems. Which seem pretty cool. The recent post on Greg Malcangi’s ProTools Forum here on DAWworld by outlining some of the features of the new hardware interfacing units, and the release of ProTools 5.3.1 V. made me sit up and take notice.
    Made me think, why am I doing this? With the analog outboard front end I’m going to be getting this year, together with stuff like the Fatso Jnr and the "Dangerous Bus" mentioned by Julian, it would keep me happy for quite a while. Plus I’d be able to pick Julian, Greg, Renie and littledogs brains. I like talking to these guys. And others.
    Julian is cool. So are the others.
    So Stedel, I ask myself, why are you doing this?
    Maybe I’ll make a list of points later on today.

    FF memo to myself 4
    Hmm. audiokid wants to fold the Gender Forum. Asks for response – do we want to keep it? Well yes and no. The last two posts were put up by me "Cheesed Off" and "Wine Anybody", to try and encourage more discussion on issues actually raised. The Gender Forum is a good idea, but I don’t have the energy or inclination to say "No! This Forum must stay!". Renie’s original idea behind this was a good one however. Shame though, I was looking forward to a discussion on the word "Romantic" as used to describe myself by Catmixer. My own use of this word is derived from the Music and Art movement known as Romanticism, which I love. Some of my favorite artists are lumped together in this category. Eugene Delacroix and Mary Shelley for instance. "Frankenstein" is one of my five most favorite books. Shame there has not been a decent movie made of this book. Wow, Mary Shelley was 18yrs old when she wrote her book.
    Gender issues are a factor in this industry, and everywhere else, but…..maybe later if
    It seems that RO is not attracting enough female artists, musicians, engineer’s etc.
    I hate "boys" only clubs. Too much like Rugby.

    Memo to myself 5 I just walked out onto my balcony. The garden has gone berserk again. Damn. I put so much work into it over January. But with the bushfires, the floods, the hail, the 3 weeks of solid heavy rain in February, the earthquake, etc. I haven’t been able to get round to it. Makes me understand why this whole area used to be Rainforest.
    Most of it was cut down for timber in the 19th century however. Maybe I’ll put some photos up here so people can see what it is like here. And maybe understand how unique, beautiful, and wild it is here. And why I love it so much.

    Memo to myself 6
    What’s this? Track 11 on the Ministry of Sound CD. That sounds like the intro to Aussie band INXS’s song "Precious Heart". I haven’t heard this CD before. Cool, it is. "Tall Paul vs INXS – precious heart – lush remix". What a beautiful song Michael Huttchence wrote. This is cool. What a sad sad thing that happened to him and Paula Yates. Life huh? What a strange thing it is.
  2. stedel

    stedel Guest

    Hmm. Been visiting a few links provided on the Fairlight site. "Applied" for membership to the Fairlight users forum. This is a different procedure than other Forums I'm either currently a member of (Digi's ProTools Forum, Steinberg's Forum) or used to be a member of (MOTU's). Stated on my application that I will be buying a "Dream" system later this year.
    See whether or not I'm "accepted" before any further comment on this.
    In the emails sent by Fairlight on this and other enquiries they suggest visiting the FAQ section on their site. Can't find it though. The FAQ section that is. I will have one more try to see if I can locate it. :(
  3. Irene

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    Nice to see you're settling in OK. I've brought you some white lillies.
    I do wonder if this dept is a "big" enough stage for your talents.
    Agree with your thoughts on the gender forum-one day maybe eh.
    When you were addressed as Steve the other day I had you down as a Delancey/Delaney
    I thought he's not a Dell or Delgado. Your full name is really nice.
    I like the 3+3 route to a new name -Rencof for me, Julsta for you know who and I like Greg's Gremal. Fun.

    Is your ghost a Soundcraft? Really no pun intended.

  4. Irene

    Irene Guest

    Maybe change Moderator by SDR :D
  5. stedel

    stedel Guest

    Hi Renie,
    Thamks for the lilies. They've really brightened up the place. :)

    Hmm. Do you know that to join the Fairlight user's Forum you have to pass some sort of acceptance test? It's not like Digi's, MOTU's, Steinbergs, or Radar's where you pretty much get access straight away.
    I'm still waiting.

    BTW, I'm not a "Steve" - I'm a "Stephen", and that person who called me Steve knows this and I will track him down! :)

    As far as this place not being big enough for my talents...well shucks...thanks.

    Interesting point though. I mean what am I doing here as Fairlight Moderator when I don't even own one, never even sniffed one? :) :cool:
  6. Henchman

    Henchman Active Member

    Oct 22, 2001
  7. Idle Threats

    Idle Threats Guest

    So what if Stedel knows who I am, thats just an IDLE THREAT :D . Watch out, cause one day, you WILL see me there again :cool:
  8. stedel

    stedel Guest

    No SERIOUSLY, my ghost is a ghost. I'm not joking Renie. It's quite overwhelmimg. I've been talking a little bit about it to Stephen Paul. Actually. Hmm.
    Give me a day or so.......
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