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For Sale Steinberg Wavelab PRO 9 FULL version NEW

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by fiddler, May 7, 2017.

  1. fiddler

    fiddler Member

    May 7, 2017
    WL9 boxed.jpg

    For sale: New sealed and BOXED Wavelab PRO 9 FULL VERSION with the DVD etc.

    This is NOT the often found cheaper Educational or EDU version.

    PRICE: 450 Euro, and 18 Euro shipping within the EU. VAT invoice. 450 U$D including shipping outside the EU. Paypal and buyers warranty possible at 3,5% extra for the costs. Reason for selling: I accidentally bought 2 ......

    For MAC or Windows PC.

    - You will need an eLicencer USB dongle available from Steinberg, costs around 22 to 25 Euros - U$D (PS: i can order one for 25 Euro extra, takes 3 working days extra mostly)

    - License keys available inside the sealed box, to use for online registration with Steinberg.

    NOTE: Once the box opened by buyer there's no refunds possible from me as the license number is the actual value of this software, Reason: it may have been copied by buyer.
    Technical information: Also see Youtube:

    Some highlights:
    MasterRig: MasterRig, the most powerful plug-in suite ever developed by Steinberg, WaveLab Pro 9 offers you endless possibilities to master your audio material in the most creative way possible. MasterRig consists of six top-quality effect modules, most of which are available twice, that can be loaded in a chain of up to eight slots. While each module is multiband compatible, the Equalizer, Compressor and Saturator modules also support mid/side processing per band. This gives you access to very specific parts of your audio material to adjust them with surgical accuracy.- MasterRig’s enormous flexibility lets you easily organize your effect chain per drag-and-drop and save your favorite configuration as a scene, allowing you to compare different module combinations quickly.

    CD mastering:
    Mastering means adjusting levels, equalization, spatial integration and many other audio aspects between different audio tracks in order to create a coherent acoustic experience across
    the entire production. WaveLab provides intuitive track assembly, audio editing, application of effects or crossfades, as well as accurate CD marker/PQ editing. With WaveLab you can create a CD image file and optionally compare the final CD to the master image for error checking and repair.
    You can also render your audio files by choosing from more than 15 popular file formats among them AAC iTunes, FLAC, MP3 — including a variety of encoder options. And, of course, WaveLab features DDP import, DDP creation and quality check via DDP file checksum.

    Audio processing:
    WaveLab provides a plethora of audio processing tools that can be used in two ways: destructive and non-destructive. While the Audio Editor offers destructive levelling, normalizing, fading, looping, splitting and correction tools, the Audio Montage comes with a comprehensive, non-destructive loudness processing solution alongside a range of other options and capabilities.
    WaveLab includes a toolset for EBU R-128 loudness metering, measurement and processing. While loudness metering is ideal for checking the status of the audio, the loudness processing capabilities directly process your audio material to EBU- compliant standards.

    Restoration and error correction:
    Be it restoration of old records or correction of problematic recordings, WaveLab provides comprehensive tools for achieving the best results. The error correction toolset is located in a tool window and comes with all functions necessary to remove unwanted noise such as clipping, glitches and peaks, including several options to correct these errors automatically.
    To remove unwanted background noise, WaveLab boasts a whole collection of high-end restoration tools made by the plug- in specialists at Sonnox and designed to accurately restore impaired audio recordings. The suite consists of DeNoiser, DeClicker and DeBuzzer, enabling you to accurately remove clicks, crackles and buzzes.

    MUCH MORE, see the Steinberg website for more information.

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  2. 01Rolo

    01Rolo Member

    Sep 27, 2018
    costa rica
    ¿Buen día me interesaría comprar Wavelab, cuanto es lo menos que lo vendes? En dólares americanos, lo único que me interesa es el software. El disco no. o bien lo puedes grabar en formato iso y enviarlo al correo.

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