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Discussion in 'Mastering' started by formant, Dec 19, 2002.

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  1. formant

    formant Guest

    i have been mastering house and techno using waves plugs for about 2 years now. mostly just for amatuer stuff and things i have produced as well.

    i understand that the best solution is getting someone else to master your stuff but to be honest when its getting played out in a club its annoying to have someone else in the loop and expensive if you are always doing one offs and not making money off any of it in the first place....

    so my question was this... what is the best way to get into 'real' gear instead of plugs?

    will a unit like a focusrite mixmaster or the avalon 747 or the mindprint dtc get me beyond where i am at with plugs?

    i am happy with my plugs but need to buy a mic pre and outboard compressor /eq for my drum submix due to a new way i am composing and figured that some of the above units might serve multi purpose....

    will i get any better 'sound' out of analog gear or should i just stick to plugs (which i am doing fine with now)

    either way is fine with me but seeing as how i have to buy a good stereo bus compressor/eq anyway i am open to spending a few more bucks for something that i can use for the final master as well.

    after all its club music, not rock bands (much more critical application there) so i suppose i am fine with what i have now :)

  2. NutekK

    NutekK Guest

    i think mastering is just as important for music for a club as it is for rock!
    fancy analog gear is not going to make up for the experiance a seasoned mastering enginere has.
    and since you are mastering not albums but "one offs" and tracks...your mastering prices should not be that high.
    there is no substitute in my opinion for having
    a seperate human do the mastering....night an day

  3. wave

    wave Guest

    Matering dance music or rock the same rules apply. Make it great! One is no more or less worthy of time than the other. Experience and accurate monitoring will help improve your sound not your processing.
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