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Discussion in 'Guitars' started by vagelis, Feb 26, 2002.

  1. vagelis

    vagelis Guest

    How to get a stereo recorded ac.guitar sound brighter without getting problems with the phase?
    I use a delay (10 ms) or predelay for the Left track.It sounds different but good.
    Your opinions ?
  2. drumsound

    drumsound Active Member

    Feb 12, 2001
    Bloomington, IL
    Add some High, cut some Low. ;)
  3. dbijan

    dbijan Guest

    When tracking, place main mic 6-8 inches from the hole of guitar, slightly off axis to the guitarists right (you have to experiment to find the sweetspot) Place the 2nd mic close to the bridge of the guitar pointing slightly the other way as the main mic. When mixing, pan the main mic very slightly to the left
    and the 2nd mic hard right. If you still have problems, delay the 2nd mic track slightly (assuming you are using a digital daw, shift the track foward slightly. This should get you a fairly wide acoustic guitar sound.
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